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Tripura Origin UK Doctor exposed GB COVID-19 Centre’s Pathetic, Dirty, suffocating conditions, much below than ‘Sub-Standard’ for a COVID Centre, ‘Faulty Testing methods’
TIWN Aug 9, 2020
Tripura Origin UK Doctor exposed GB COVID-19 Centre’s Pathetic, Dirty, suffocating conditions, much below than ‘Sub-Standard’ for a COVID Centre, ‘Faulty Testing methods’
PHOTO : Dr Avipsa Das addressing Tripura (Left), GB hospital (Right)

AGARTALA, Aug 9 (TIWN): BJP Govt's Fools’ Paradise methods to suppress voices and allegations may not work out always with "Fake Paradise" portrays COVID-19 pathetic Management under Health Minister Biplab Deb. This time after a patient Ms Binapani Roy died miserably and the UK based Doctor grand-daughter Dr. Avipsa Das released COVID-19 centre’s miserable condition, Govt although rejected the claim as ‘Fake’, she has hit the Govt again in a video, released by Royal scion Pradyot Manikya. In the video she has clearly exposed the below Sub-Standard condition of the ICU, COVID-19 Treatment Centre at GB which does not even has any AC, neither any cleanliness. After death Lt. Bina Pani Roy’s dead body was thrown in very unhonoured manner which is too condemnation worthy. Dr. Avipsa Das, is now practicing in UK, a former student of AGMC said, she is hugely embarrassed by the situation at there. She also raised question on the “testing method” saying, antigen test’s result can never come in 5 minutes but at IGM they were quick to announce her as a ‘COVID-Patient’.

She addressed in the video calling for a ‘change’ in the state.

“My grandmother Bina Pani Roy, had a fall in the bathroom followed by rectal bleeding. She was rushed to the IGM hospital and all of us were panicked as her condition was very serious. The rapid antigen test report came in 5 minutes which can not happen. It takes at least 15 to 20 minutes at least to come”, she added.

“She was taken to GB hospital after announcing COVID-19 positive, which is the only COVID-19 treatment hospital assigned in Tripura. At first she was given oxygen, which is very good step but that’s all and nothing was done more than then. Some doctors later came but there was no manager as investigator was sent. Is this because, she was COVID positive ? The basic management protocol nothing was there”, she said.

She then explained, how such a patient should be treated and how they are treated generally, saying, nothing was done for the patient.

She and her sister was inside the COVID ICU wearing PPE for next 3 days where no AC was there but amid suffocation, they were bound to stay there.

“Then they said if the patient is tested negative, then she will be sent to home. But it took 2  days and the patient was lying there without absolutely any care. Then finally she was declared as dead. Till then, she was in the dirty atmosphere and the test result was negative !!!”, Dr Avipasa Das said which will surprise everyone.

She also hit the authority how the dead-body was kept, thrown.

Her message was “cleanliness” which was absolutely missing, proper testing, proper management protocol was not followed.

“I am deeply embarrassed that being a pass out of this college, I had to face it. Other people should not face the same. Change has to be done”, said Dr Avipsa.  


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