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Manik’s TSECL aide on run for physical relation promising of marriage
Manik’s TSECL aide on run for physical relation promising of marriage
PHOTO : TSECL Office. Agartala. TIWN File Photo

AGARTALA, November 14 (TIWN): Police launched search against another close aide of Manik Sarkar for physical relation with his colleague promising her of marriage, said Officer in-charge of Women Police Station of West Agartala Shubha Teli.The accused comrade engineer Shantanu Das is posted as Senior Manager (HR) of Tripura State Electricity Corporation Ltd (TSECL) and main liaison between top bosses of CPI-M party and TSECL for new appointment, transfer and all business deal.Shantanu was also fought in municipal election a few years ago but lost because of his loose character and all other immoral activities in GB and Abhoynagar area.Besides, close association with Sarkar, Shantanu is also known to be a close team member of another Das of Tripura CPI-M state committee practicing corruption and controlling media and police.He is the younger brother of former Director of Tripura Information Technology Salil Das who is now posted in Delhi at the behest of Manik Sarkar and his party in spite of his limitation of knowledge.Through Salil Das, Manik’s only preferred online media business group of Tripura had got crore of rupees contract in illegal way despite strong opposition from the many cabinet colleagues of Manik Sarkar and senior bureaucrats of the administration.

 Allegedly, 45 –yrs old Shantanu was a regular visitor of Melarmath CPI-M office and Chief Minister’s house by which he hypnotized his unmarried female colleague, little junior to his age in similar rank of corporate office of TSECL in 2007.

According to complaint, Shantanu had developed a physical relation with the lady for past 4-5 years promising her of marriage and they had started living together for past couple of years but now he refused her.

Shantanu had also managed a few abroad trips for the lady engineer from public ex-chequar through Manik Sarkar and Mr Das of CPI-M party and in return he had been allowed stay together with the lady even in the office.

Police said following the complaint, she was recorded a statement before the court on Thursday and she had obligatory medical tests in the AGMC was done and confirmed her claim.

However, police said Shantanu is absconding to evade the arrest but local source confirmed that he is still in Kumaritilla quarter and had meeting with CPI-M top bosses in Melarmath party office last night.

TSECL officials also stated that Shantanu has been threatening the lady and her associates for dare consequence unless she withdraws the complaint had lodged against him.

He has also offered a huge amount of money to the victim through CPI-M cadres and pressurizing the family.

During Manik Sarkar’s rule there has developed a circle of corrupt officers, characterless comrades and officers in all the department, broker in media, meritless doctors, teachers, professors, engineers and professionals at his direct patronize in last five years.

Clad in white dress and through some unethical media, Manik Sarkar has desperately been trying to portray himself as honest Chief Minister in the country and iconic Marxist character but it now established that he and his close circle of CPI-M is the main architect of all evils.

In Manik’s rule all honest, intelligent and diligent public servants are subsided and only the clowns, corrupt, characterless and shadow brain people have been encouraged in both party and administration to ensure his Chief Ministership at the cost of common peoples’ sufferings.

For showing of his honesty and integrity against corruption, he has set up Lokayukta and Vigilance department but he is one who always disobeys the observations and recommendations of the institutions to make them defang.

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