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BJP’s JUMLA Politics has no option except 'Fake Data' : Amid Unemployment highest in Country, income rates downed huge, suicides, Tripura CM claims, ‘Tripura’s growth rate at up in national top list’
TIWN Feb 14, 2020
BJP’s JUMLA Politics has no option except 'Fake Data' : Amid Unemployment highest in Country, income rates downed huge, suicides, Tripura CM claims, ‘Tripura’s growth rate at up in national top list’
PHOTO : CM addressing in Deworming Day. TIWN Pic Feb 14, 2020 (Chart Right : Tripura tops in unemployment under CMIE report)

AGARTALA, Feb 14 (TIWN): Modi Govt’s data suppressing politics practically could not work in the Delhi election, but instead of learning lesson, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb continues with fabricated income rate data without ground survey. If counted in last a decade Tripura unemployment rate is highest now, per person income is low, nevertheless, while addressing on the occasion of National deworming day, said that Tripura’s growth rate is higher than many states of India except few which didn’t release its data.

However, amid such claims Tripura Govt has imposed huge taxes on public including high electricity price, scrapping free medical services, MGNREGA mandays scrapping and many more charged services like water, trade license. Indeed to enter a fair, now poor hawkers are asked 100 rupees, for parking Govt is asking moneys, indeed business everywhere.

After the Delhi Election, Tripura public have also demanded to reinstall free medical services, provide employment and to down the electricity prices like Delhi Govt.

Aam Aadmi Party leader, Delhi Dy CM Manish Sisodia’s biggest Statement in Post-Poll media interaction slapped Tax-Sipping BJP Govt. Specially in neglected states like Tripura which never gets national media limelights on its real issues and public suffering, BJP has continued tax-tortures, looting public and imposing high charges in each sector. Electricity rate was increased, Free Medical Health Service was removed and taxes in all fields almost increased, including water-taxes. Today, one day after poll result, the AAP in post poll press conference said, this election victory doesn’t only mean that Arvind Kejriwal is the son of the soil but what is called “Desh Bhakti” it is proven. Manish Sisodia said, “Desh Bhati is to provide cheap and free services, to provide safety to women”. Tripura opposition party CPI-M too has congratulated Aam Aadmi Party for historical victory.

Reacting over massive victory of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) against a strong national force that is BJP which landed on the Delhi ground to defeat Arvind Kejriwal with its RSS and all wings, mobilized the election with thousands of outsiders entry who visited house to house, for CM of Tripura Manik Sarkar said that AAP’s victory will inspire the nation in a new way. He said, AAP’s victory to create new wave throughout the country. Along with that BJP’s various promises as to build houses to illegal land occupiers, free scooty etc all were rejected.

Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal has been elected as the leader of the AAP legislative party in the Assembly by the MLAs on Wednesday.Kejriwal was elected unopposed during a meeting at his residence with all the 62 MLAs.Senior party leader Manish Sisodia, also the MLA elect from Patparganj, proposed to make Kejriwal the leader of the legislative party.Along with the MLAs, election in-charge Sanjay Singh and campaign in-charge Pankaj Gupta were also in the meeting.

Hiked Electricity Bills have been disturbing the common men’s lives in Tripura.Power Dept which has decided to hike electricity tariffs at 7.5% / 5% is already active, is causing allegedly mountain size bills, putting the households in problems.Not only power dept but various sectors are now reeling under price hikes, tax hikes under the BJP Govt.

 Public have been demanding reinstallation of the service immediately like before. Most of the people have no interest for Ayushman Bharat insurance like issues, rather sought 100% free medical services. Revenue collection in exchange of “saving life” has caused pathos across Government hospitals but the BJP led State Govt has turned a deaf ear. Since the BJP led State Government had drafted provisional revised tariffs of 14 hospital services and 286 bio-chemistry, pathological, radiological, digital and clinical tests, it is causing massive criticism.


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