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Tripura’s Unemployment Rate continues to increase, 4% rise in January month
TIWN Feb 13, 2020
Tripura’s Unemployment Rate continues to increase, 4% rise in January month
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AGARTALA, Feb 13 (TIWN): Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Ltd. (CMIE) has released January, 2020’s unemployment data, listing Tripura once again on the top position in unemployment rate among all Indian states. According to CMIE report, Tripura unemployment rate which was 28.6% on January, 2020, now jumped more 4% with 32.7%. After Tripura, Delhi is second in unemployment rate but 10% less than Tripura with 22.7%.

So far Tripura Govt could not come up with solution to the massive unemployment problem and BJP Govt has forgotten its pre-poll given promise to the unemployment which assured 50,000 Govt jobs in first one year. However, the Chief Minister didn’t mention about the Govt job opportunities in this profession whereas average income of Govt tourist guides at Center also remained around Rs. 15000 to Rs. 18000. Biplab Deb who remains on the peak of controversy due to his irresponsible speeches now has advised youths to earn 30,000 per month by becoming a tourist guide, earlier also he asked youths in similar way to earn 1 lakh per annum by rearing cows and selling milk. He also suggested to open paan-shops. When statewide poor people on camera everyday are saying that their profits are now reversed into losses, two times meals are becoming tough to arrange, CM said, Tripura’s economy is going through a robust boost and growth.

"Not only India but whole world's people know that Tripura is a business hub now", claims Biplab Deb.

"Be tourist guide and earn Rs. 30,000 per month", says Tripura CM Biplab Deb. TIWN Video Jan 29, 2020

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb who suggested unemployed youths to open paan-shops, rear cows failed to down the unemployment rate in his state and the percentage of unemployment going higher and higher. BJP came in power to provide 50,000 Govt jobs in 1-years and flow of jobs next years as well but the Govt ended merely thousands of Govt jobs providing along with thousands of terminations of the contractual employees across state. CMIE’s monthly data has topped Tripura in unemployment rate once again with 28.6%. After Tripura, it is Haryana which is the second topper in unemployment rate with 27.6% unemployment rate.  When Tripura tops in unemployment rate according to CMIE report, CM said, from 7.5 lakhs the unemployment rate under BJP era has downed to 1.70 lakhs as many became job-creators.Deb said that when under CPI-M era, the unemployment rate was 7.50 lakhs now, it is downed to 1.70 lakhs in last 21 months of BJP Govt.

Tripura was promised to give 50000 Govt jobs in first 1-year if wins the election, but BJP Govt failed to fulfil it even 2%.

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