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‘Pradyot Manikya is the next ADC CEM and then BJP’s CM candidate for 2023 Assembly Election’, claims ABYSO
TIWN Jan 25, 2020
‘Pradyot Manikya is the next ADC CEM and then BJP’s CM candidate for 2023 Assembly Election’, claims ABYSO
PHOTO : Pradyot Manikya (File)

AGARTALA, Jan 25 (TIWN): All Bangali Youth & Students Organisation (ABYSO) President Chandan Chatterjee has claimed that Pradyot Manikya is the next ADC Chief Executive member if wins election and will be BJP’s Chief Minister candidate in 2023.Chatterjee has condemned BJP’s role in the whole process by highlighting Pradyot Manikya indirectly, to win elections. Chatterjee has requested Tripura Royal scion Pradyot Manikya to visit the houses of devastated Bengali families at Kanchanpur and to bring equal package for them from Centre.

Addressing media, Chandan Chatterjee said, “Pradyot Manikya, the crownless King is doing politics by sitting in the comfort zone. I also call him King but can he measure himself with his predecessors and yet able to bring himself at the equal level as his forefathers who were always kind to humans regardless community and cast identity ?” Click TIWN YouTube link to see Chandan Chatterjee's statement

Chandan Chatterjee said, “This is unfortunate that Pradyot Manikya is doing politics by sitting at Palace. Now he wants to become the King of Tripura ADC and in future the King of whole Tripura. I fold my hands and request the King, to meet the all victim families without community’s identity. From Kanchan Prabha Devi to previous Kings and Royal figures how they stood beside all the people and what the present King is doing are totally differs from each other”

“Your forefathers were “Praja-Batsya”. But if you were Praja-Batsya, then would at least had meet the Bengali families. Remember, due to your communal speech, the Bengali families have lost their houses and thus the penance for your own sin, only you have to do”, Chatterjee told Manikya via media.

“This is your responsibility to meet those 95 families and bring that same package from Amit Shah. Earlier also 500 families were victimized but today what you are doing just to become the ADC CEM and you are 100% communal”, said Chatterjee.

“This lesson taken from you will be remembered not only by India but by whole would”, he added.

Chandan Chatterjee further said, Pradyot Manikya will join BJP sooner or later and BJP’s next Chief Minister candidate might be Pradyot Manikya. 

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