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Tripura Congress begins ‘Pijush Hatao, Congress Bachao’ movement
TIWN Jan 14, 2020
Tripura Congress begins ‘Pijush Hatao, Congress Bachao’ movement
PHOTO : 'Pijush Hatao, Congress Bachao' protest in (Nalchar) Tripura. TIWN Pic Jan 14, 2020

AGARTALA, Jan 14 (TIWN): For the first time in Tripura Congress’s history, Congress party has staged protest against party’s State President’s activity and demanded immediate removal of him from the Congress Party.

While protesting in various places, banners were shown as “P K Biswas, Stop Vendetta Politics”, “Pijush Hatao, Congress Bachao”, “P K Biswas, Stop Playing in hands of the BJP”.  

Various groups of people, even indigenous people staged protests with banners with demand of removal of Pijush Biswas from the President’s post.

AICC had appointed recently Pijush Biswas as BJP’s acting president but Pijush Biswas failed to strengthen the party rather, running the party according to his persona vendetta.

Congress was surprised to see Pijush Biswas disowning a youth named Arindam Bhattacharjee who was recently arrested illegally by West PS in BJP party and CM, Law Minister’s illegal instruction over his facebook post against BJP. Lastly High Court stayed the total investigation in attempt of top Congress leaders, but Pijush Biswas called such issues as problem and said Arindam has no post in party, which had made the BJP happy.

Also Pijush Biswas along with Birjit Sinha demanded “push back” of Brus from Tripura and shutdown of Dumboor hydro project. It has damaged Congress party’s image ahead of ADC Election beyond repair.

Massive infighting is going on over Pijush Biswas’s statements and his politics. 

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