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‘Bogus FIR, manufactured case against Badal Choudhury ! It is BJP’s Culture to put Oppositions in Jail’, says Brinda Karat, meets Badal Choudhury
TIWN Dec 1, 2019
‘Bogus FIR, manufactured case against Badal Choudhury ! It is BJP’s Culture to put Oppositions in Jail’, says Brinda Karat, meets Badal Choudhury
PHOTO : Brinda Karat with advocates met Badal Choudhury at Bishalgarh Jail. TIWN Pic Dec 1, 2019

BISHALGARH (Sepahijala District, Tripura), Dec 1 (TIWN): Replying media questions over the case of former PWD Minister Badal Choudhury, Politburo member Brinda Karat said that the total FIR against Badal Choudhury is bogus and the case is manufactured. When media asked, why Badal Chodhury was arrested if not involved, Brinda Karat replied, “This is BJP’s culture to attack the opposition and arrest the opposition leaders to suppress the voices”. Karat said CPI-M will not stop fighting against BJP’s tortures just because of such attacks. Brinda Karat also signaled there may be similar attacks on the other leaders too but all will be just with foul attempts to divert attention and suppress the leaders’ voices. She also stated that Badal Choudhury is mentally very strong although physically weak. Reacting over BJP Govt’s massive attack on ill-health’s Badal Choudhury, Brinda Karat said that this is simply “Inhuman”. Advocates Horibol Debnath, Bhaskar Debbarma, Arindam Bhattacharjee visited with Brinda Karat at Bishalgarh jail today and met Badal Choudhury.

“This is the SANSKRITI of BJP. When BJP is getting separated from the masses in such situations, BJP choses only one option which is to put oppositions in jail. BJP wants to do the same with our whole leadership. It is highly objectionable. We are politically and legally fighting for Badal Choudhury. Badal Choudhury has worked for public welfare. Never committed any crime or wrongdoing”, she said.

“BJP thinks  by putting oppositions in jail, they can suppress the Opposition. But, we never did any wrong for the people”, Karat added. Click TIWN YouTube link to see  Brinda Karat’s visit in Bishalgarh jail

FIR was lodged against Tripura CPI-M former PWD Minister Badal Choudhury at West Agartala Police Station with Case No-251/19 on October 13. FIR was lodged against few retired PWD Chief Engineer and former Chief Secretary too.

The issue was “cost plus” and the present Govt thinks that extra funds uses for bringing outside companies caused losses to Tripura Govt.

In last over two months, state has seen Home Ministry led dramatic situations to put Badal Choudhury in lock-up of West Agartala PS and police custody. Four times Badal Choudhury’s health went down whereas on October 30, state witnessed the massive brutality of state govt when Badal Choudhury was forced to bring out of ILS hospital and put in West Agartala PS lockup. Law Minister Ratanlal Nath held sets of press meets imposing beliefs on masses that Badal Choudhury is thief CM Biplab Deb too took similar stand and organized speeches in programmes to say the same. Now, CPI-M has moved to High Court claiming the FIR itself is bogus and the next hearing is tomorrow. 

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