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After Police Officer Durgachandra Hrankhawl’s Murder, now Narcotic Smuggling Queen Pratima wants Indo-Bangla border floodlights turned off to boost her brother’s Smuggling, submits proposal at Lok Sabha
TIWN Dec 1, 2019
After Police Officer Durgachandra Hrankhawl’s Murder, now Narcotic Smuggling Queen Pratima wants Indo-Bangla border floodlights turned off to boost her brother’s Smuggling, submits proposal at Lok Sabha
PHOTO : Pic 1 : Pratima Bhowmik, Pic 2 : Biswajit Bhowmik, Pic 4 : Slain Police officer Durga Chandra Hrangkhawal, Other pics : Popular contraband items

AGARTALA, Dec 1 (TIWN): Crime Queen cum MP Pratima Bhowmik’s evil plan to turn off all floodlights along border areas in Boxanagar, Sonamura region to boost her brother Bishwajit’s narcotics smuggling empire got exposed after she tabled her proposal in Lok Sabha against border floodlights. In a brazen misuse of her MP post (via rigged election), Pratima Bhowmik proposed a compensation for farmers but indirectly smoothed her next move to turn off all border floodlights so that BSF cannot see smugglers activity across border. Pratima shown excuse of border crop damage due to floodlights found baseless as this proposal solely focused towards boosting drug smuggling in nights. Such a sensitive issue was raised mentioning about floodlights related problems in the Parliament although Tripura borders are No-1 in drug-smuggling and also cattle smuggling.

Earlier, BJP led Tripura Govt stopped the checkpost checking process which eased smuggling already smooth and this criminal demands is thus highly coated by evil plans.

Question raises, why Pratima Bhowmik is not raising the most recent murder incident took place in Boxonagar border where an Police officer was murdered pre-planned by Drug-smugglers ? 

The main criminals and drug-smugglers who killed honest officer Durga Chandra Hrangkhawl are left free-hand and allegation raised against Pratima Bhowmik’s brother Biswajit Bhowmik for his chief involvement in the murder took place of 21st November night whereas the main accused persons are still at large and Police failed to disclose the number plates of the seized vehicles which were used to kill the Police officer.

In a daring criminal demand, Pratima Bhowmik instead of learning lesson after Police officer murder case by drug smugglers at Boxonagar, has raised problems due to all lights in the border area to smooth her brother Biswajit Bhowmik’s smuggling den empire a lot, who bought many tipper cars which have no business function much in day time.

Although she didn't ask directly to stop floodlights but raising floodlight related problems in details itself evil in nature when BSF are playing with lives on border to guard the areas.

Biswajit Bhowmik’s smuggling empire is not new, surprising fact for the state. BJP former Yuva Morcha leader of Sonamura Sundar Ali on camera had challenged to prove Biswajit a “Big Smuggler” if asked in the Court.

Infact, proving opposition leader cum former CM Manik Sarkar’s prediction that supporting criminals will inspire criminals more, Pratima Bhowmik now has dared to stop the Floodlights functioning to keep the border smuggling under dark whereas, Tripura is surrounded by Bangladesh on sides and No-1 in smuggling. Boxonagar, Sonamura area which belong to Pratima Bhowmik’s homeland is first among all drug smuggling zones.

Not only this, BJP’s MLA Surajit Dutta himself told media how Pratima Bhowmik’s right hand Tapas Ghosh is connected with the phensedyl smuggling empire under the shelter of Pratima Bhowmik.

Click TIWN YouTube Link to see BJP MLA Surajit Dutta exposed BJP’s smuggling den led by BJP leaders including Pratima Bhowmik

Congress leader Subal Bhowmik over no arrest in Police officer murder case, “Many MLAs, MP are connected with Drug smuggling, Police's role in Police officer Durga Chandra Hrangkhawl murder case investigation is very shameful".  

Although DGP A K Sukla said that 3 vehicles were involved in the murder and one vehicle is caught but so far car’s number-plate could not be revealed by police. Click TIWN YouTube Link to listen Subal Bhowmik’s statement

Durga Chandra Hrangkhawl, an honest police officer is nothing but victim of BJP’s drug-empire developed under misruling of Chief Minister Biplab Deb who has been working so far as robot of MP Pratima Bhowmik, who was accused in drug-nexus by BJP MLA Surajit Dutta himself and her brother Biswajit Bhwomik was accused as Boxonagar, Sonamura based drug-king by locals on camera.

On Thursday night, 3 Phensedyl smuggling convoy circled honest police officer Durga Chandra Hrankhawl and murdered him by overrunning vehicle over slain officer.

The incident took place at Sonamura-Boxonagar road at around 11.30 pm when on being informed via secret sources Karamchara Police led by Durga Chardra Hrangkhawl rushed to the spot and chased the vehicle on November 21st. At first a Swift car rushed over the police official whereas more vehicles came behind it. After the incident immediately he was taken to Boxonagar hospital and referred in GB. Next day around 9.50 am he breathed his last.  TIWN YouTube Link 'On duty Tripura Police officer murdered by Drug Smugglers', DGP A K Sukla talking to media.


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