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‘Ribbon cutting BJP Govt standing on Left Govt’s land ; Filthy stories against Badal Chowdhury is to repair BJP’s dirty face exposed to public’ : Manik Sarkar
TIWN Nov 8, 2019
‘Ribbon cutting BJP Govt standing on Left Govt’s land ; Filthy stories against Badal Chowdhury is to repair BJP’s dirty face exposed to public’ : Manik Sarkar
PHOTO : (Left) Former CM Manik Sarkar addressing at Town Hall on Nov 8 2019, (Right) Badal Chowdhury while harassed by Police at West PS on 30th Oct, 2019

AGARTALA / NEW DELHI, Nov 8 (TIWN): ‘The land where the BJP is standing today, roaming across state, cutting ribbons and enjoying credits all due to Left Govt’s developmental works’, said Manik Sarkar. The former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar on Thursday has given clean-chit to former PWD Minister, MLA Badal Choudhury, saying, ‘Nobody can bring any spot on Badal Chowdhury’s image. He was one of the top true communist leaders for whom people and party were the utmost priority. He also condemned at the all misbehaviours were done to Badal Chowdhury and his wife. Sarkar mentioned, “Badal Chowdhury was not only a leader, but since his student life he was dedicated for the public which forced him not to complete even his B.Sc. How inhuman this BJP Govt can be which has targeted such a spotless character in this way and not only insulting him but even his wife was insulted everywhere. In the name of investigation, what they did across Tripura since the FIR filing, state has seen. They are doing this dirty activity when their ugly face was exposed so fast. What they promised, could not be fulfilled, rather they moved 180 degree from the promise”.

“It was 2008’s project and generally centre gives funds in parts, seeing the works development. Local workers were already doing so many projects and the funds can not be kept unutilized and if they funds are returned to the centre then again comments will be heard against the Govt. With various such complications, in need of modern technology tenders were given to outside companies and they were had to paid extra for that”, said Manik Sarkar.  Click TIWN YouTube Link to see Manik Sarkar's speech

“They are targeting communists across India and have found in Tripura, Bengal, Kerala Communists are strong but in 3 states they are targeting the communists in various means. The BJP in Tripura has to answer on whose land, they are standing today and cutting ribbons of new buildings and structures ?”, he asked.

 “Even though it is 2008’s project but Badal Chowdhury was fully cooperating. At the beginning he asked the officials whether he is an accused but on that time they denied. Even police could not link anything with him, but today to please the ruling party, what are the police doing ? Don’t they know who is Badal Chowdhury ? 2008's works and dirty stories are going on in 2019”, said Manik Sarkar.

 “The BJP has few leaders, who speak everyday senseless talks. If I reply to them, they will get importance”, he said.

The statement from Manik Sarkar came when he was talking to CPI-M members at the November revolution day at Agartala Town Hall. 

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