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Badal Choudhury to undergo ‘Brain MRI’
TIWN Oct 22, 2019
Badal Choudhury to undergo ‘Brain MRI’
PHOTO : Hospitalized Badal Choudhury at ILS. TIWN Pic Oct 22, 2019

AGARTALA, Oct 22 (TIWN): Former Minister, CPI-M MLA Badal Choudhury to undergo brain MRI as brain stroke was suspected followed by lapses of various medicines.

Talking to media, wife of Badal Choudhury said, “He was not in home for many days and thus didn’t take medicine and now his health condition is critical. He didn’t talk to anyone, unable to eat. His situation is critical because he had undergone surgeries and also brain stroke. Last time after he stopped a medicine after surgery he suffered from brain stroke and now also he didn’t take that medicine. I talked to doctor. Doctor has prescribed brain-MRI now and for that I had to talk to doctor. From there only, I have rushed here (High Court)”.

Today Badal Choudhury’s anticipatory bail plea was cancelled as police already on yesterday night arrested Badal Choudhury when he was in ICU at the ILS hospital followed by a politically pressed FIR against the MLA. Badal Chouhdury's wife briefing media about Badal Choudhury's health condition. TIWN Video Oct 22, 2019

Advocate Arindam Bhattacharjee said, “According to legal process within 24 hours one arrested person has to be produced before the court. Now as his condition is critical and doctor asked for MRI. In this situation, if Badal Choudhury is produced before the court then it’s up to the investigators. What can we say ?”  Click TIWN YouTube Link to see Advocate Arindam Bhattacharjee's statement.

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