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‘Massive anti-incumbency against Tripura BJP Govt at only 17 months of Govt formation’ : Report
TIWN Sep 12, 2019
‘Massive anti-incumbency against Tripura BJP Govt at only 17 months of Govt formation’ : Report
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AGARTALA, Sep 12 (TIWN): When the Left Govt continued to stay in power for long 25 years, the newly won BJP lost its all popularities at only 17 months due to lack of capable leaders, wrong economic decisions and snatching of public’s luxuries which were available under the previous Govt. The recently taken inhuman, brutal decision of imposing fees in Govt hospitals’ patients have not only shocked the public but amid various fear-mechanism, people are openly slamming the Government. Survey made it 100% clear from house to house massive resentments are fueling against the BJP-Govt. This decision of the Health Dept is beyond damage-repair unless 100% withdrawal, but instead of placing the matters and problems of the Govt properly CM Biplab Deb on yesterday lost his cool in the press conference and delivered immature statements against Doctors and Govt employees as well as media raised more resentment.

Such economic crisis are ofcourse as a part of national economic crisis and the Centre is no more funding the states.

On the one side, BJP Govt failed to fulfil its promise of giving 50,000 Government jobs which was promised in the Vision Document for giving within 1-year of Govt establishment and now the Govt ended by increasing taxes, cess in fuel, power-service and finally Health Dept.

BJP sources informed, Health Dept’s scrapping of “free medical service” has not been supported by maximum Ministers in the cabinet and there are so much of infightings going on in the administration.

Now, all the APL families which cover 80 to 90% of the population have to pay in the hospitals.

Thus, the Government has turned heavy upon the middle class and lower middle class  families. Ad-hoc BPLs also are not going to get benefit of free-medical-service.  

In the mean time, irregular teachers, 10323 teachers’ issues are turning sensitive.

Thus, the lotus of BJP is facing toughtime to survive with popularity in this hilly state Tripura. 

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