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Tripura Govt, Police set target to wreck Drug-transit networks : Political-muscled drug-mafias giving hard-times to ‘Nesha-Mukt-Tripura’ mission
TIWN Aug 20, 2019
Tripura Govt, Police set target to wreck Drug-transit networks : Political-muscled drug-mafias giving hard-times to ‘Nesha-Mukt-Tripura’ mission
PHOTO : Police seized huge amounts of contraband items. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Aug 20 (TIWN): Illegal means of works either its drug-smuggling or fuel-mafia-raj is not possible without politically powered muscle-displays. In case of high drug smuggling rates, same theory is applied behind increasing drug-peddling in the state Tripura. Even after various raids, there is no relief from the drug-networking and contraband items’ illegal business is at euphoria. In areas like Dhanpur, Sonamura even police are under pressure to suppress NDPS cases if against the ruling party leaders who have been sheltered under the criminal leadership of the party at Dhanpur. Also a section of people have been targeted by fake NDPS cases where police were called followed by untold conspiracies. This type of situations are the main reasons giving tough times to Police to make “Nesha Mukt” Tripura in the real sense.

On August 18, West Agartala Police have seized huge amounts of contrabands from a house and successfully traced the drug-smugglers and search operations begins to hook the criminals. The raid was done at Malakar Para of Lankamura at the outskirts of Agartala. 50 gram brown sugar, 136 cough syrup, 1 packet yaba tablets and huge numbers of other tablets were found, but the criminals managed to escape from the spot when police reached the spot but already searching network of police is active and West Agartala police told media that shortly all the smugglers will be arrested. Also, huge amounts of cashes were found through the raid. This is not the first success of police in the recent record but SP Bhanupada Chakraborty on yesterday nabbed 50 lakhs worthing contrabands and arrested 2 persons .

On August 17, from a house in the Rajbari area, police have seized at least 10000 prohibited ya-ba tablets, huge numbers of Chorex and other contrabands amounting Rs. 50 lakhs at least. This raid was done after the SP was informed via secret sources about the storage of contrabands in the house. This has been another major success in the success-list of Tripura Police, which has been published with all details in today’s morning news.

On July-13 Assam Rifles caught a drug peddler at Chandrapur SBT.The arrested youth named Jayanta Debnath has been handedover to East Agartala Police station.Rs. 210 boxes of brown sugar have been seized from him.Assam Rifles was informed via sources about Jayanta Debnath and thus planwise they caught him red-handed on spot. Later, the drug peddler has been handed-over to East Agartala police.East Agartala PS OC-Jayanta Baidya said that 4.2 gram brown sugar has been recovered whose market price is 50,000 rupees. On July 6, two persons were arrested in North Tripura’s Churaibari with huge quantity of heroin, brown sugar in a special drive led by North District SP Bhanupada Chakraborty.

The raid was done in Premtala area of Churaibari on the basis of secret information came to the SP via sources.The two arrested persons are Jaharul Islam (27), Billal Ahmed (26).Both of them are residents of Pathakandi area of Karimaganj in Assam, were carrying brown sugar in bikes.Worth of the seized items are at least 50 lakhs. 

Since few years, yaba tablets have become Tripura’s most seized contrabands, results of massive illegal border business. In a successful drive, Ranir Bazar Police Station recovered 40,000 numbers of YABA Tabletstand 24,000/- cash depending on relievable information from their sources at around 4:30 AM from Madhab Bari Inter State Truck Terminus. Police said, three persons namely Manir Hussain (28), Alek Hussain (30) & Pritam Bhowmik (25) were arrested in this connection with their private vehicle bearing registration No. TR 01 AZ 0657 (Dustan) from the spot. The approximate value of the narcotics is around INR 40.00 Lacs (Forty Lacs).

The raid was headed by SDPO Jirania Suman Majumder and OC Ranir Bazar Police Station Soumen Das along with their team.This narcotics recovery and arrest at Madhabbari Inter State Truck Terminus is another success of Tripura Police.But what worries is that amid massive seizers, the drug peddlers are uncontrolled, continued unafraid jobs in contraband dealing.

On June 24, SP North Bhanupada Chakraborty led raided 1.5 crores of yaba tablets were seized whereas in last one year 10 crore’s worth yaba tablets have been seized.

BSF almost everyday seizing huge numbers of contrabands where yaba tablets are common. On June 21 late-night in such attempt, BSF has seized 9,000 yaba tablets worth 45 lakhs at Sonamura K K Nagar.

Recently BSF stated that such narcotic dealers are using women often in cross border smuggling. On yesterday, police seized 7,200 bottles of phensedyls, huge number of tablets from Shib Bari area in Agartala from godown of a local named Ratan Saha. 

 Since few years, yaba tablets have become Tripura’s most seized contrabands, results of massive illegal border business. Yaba tablets have become one of the major threats for the vision as suddenly Tripura’s yaba supply level has gone on peack.

BSF almost everyday seizing huge numbers of contrabands where yaba tablets are common. 

A survey says, much popular in Ganja smuggling since decades, state Tripura has now developed yaba tablets smuggling, more dangerous drug than phensedyl and ganja.

Ya ba, formerly known as ya ma, are tablets containing a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine. The illicit use of this drug combination has caused problems in South East Asian countries. 

A section of BJP leaders’ true colour behind “Nesha Mukt Tripura” has been exposed as during random raids of contraband items, BJP’s Panchayat Election candidate himself was arrested after BSF and police found huge amounts of drugs in his home. The candidate of BJP Jakir Hossain has been arrested in a joint drive of BSF, Police at Miapara of Bishalgarh. Border area’s 110 number gate lined home of Jakir Hossain was raided, who is the candidate of BJP’s 5 number ward on July 6.

Sonamura, Bishalgarh, Boxonagar, Dhanpur areas are corridors for such activities and Hossain was although arrested, it can be understood that many smugglers like him are residing in the state, pouring cold water on Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s Nesha Mukt Tripura. However, Jakir Hossain is just a small figure but the big figures even though known to all but holding topmost positions in the party.

BJP leaders themselves told openly before media how few party heads are involved in such crimes, targeting BJP MP Pratima Bhowmik and his mafia-gang.

However, from Govt side, reportedly strict order has been given that no drug peddler should be spared regardless any political identity. 

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