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RTI reveals ‘Agartala Flyover is stable structurally, technically’ : Badal Chaudhury hits BJP Govt
TIWN July 21, 2019
RTI reveals ‘Agartala Flyover is stable structurally, technically’ : Badal Chaudhury hits BJP Govt
PHOTO : Former PWD Minister Badal Chaudhury addressing media. TIWN Pic July 21

AGARTALA, July 21 (TIWN): RTI has revealed that reports on Agartala’s unopened flyover is very positive and this flyover is technically and structurally stable, said former PWD Minister Badal Chaudhury, slamming the BJP Govt for not opening flyover and continuously blaming CPI-M Govt for ‘unknown’ corruption. After getting RTI report, Chaudhury while talking to media at Melarmath CPI-M headquarter said, it proves, such allegations are baseless and just to delay the project with unknown intention. The former PWD Minister stated, “We accept that flyover work was not completed in our regime 100%, but in 2 months it can be completed as maximum part of the flyover was completed. But BJP Govt has not gone in that direction, rather started making people afraid saying that anytime any accident may happen if the flyover is opened. Then, the Govt handed over it to CSIR, CRRA which are now same organizationS under central Govt On 21st July, 2018 subjected to structural safety and safety audit report, but the report came in favour of flyover construction”.

“In the report-1 in conclusion said that the work was done in proper manner and fulfilled all demands of structural construction. It also said, road safety needs a trial. After State Govt got the report it said, this report is not sufficient and ordered for another report on technical report which also came in favour of flyover construction’s stability”, said Chaudhury.

“Chief Engineer Dipak Chandra Das was also praised in the report. Anybody can get the report by RTI”, Badal Chaudhury added.

Chaudhury said, now Govt must make it clear whether it wants to open the flyover or not.

 This much awaited dream flyover of Agartala yet to be opened after passing of over 1 year of the BJP Govt created various times controversy politically when traffic jams are increasing massively.

However, recently newspaper report said that before Durga Puja, this flyover will be opened for people, to be major relief for the vehicular who everyday suffer due to unending traffic jams.

But, only 2 months have left for Durga puja and there is surety about the flyover’s opening.

This 300 crore’s flyover project met controversy after BJP Govt alleged corruption in this construction work by PWD and a blacklisted company.

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