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Unruly drivers showed ‘thumbs down’ to Traffic Rules : Agartala hit by traffic jam, Traffic Dept in slumber
TIWN July 19, 2019
Unruly drivers showed ‘thumbs down’ to Traffic Rules : Agartala hit by traffic jam, Traffic Dept in slumber
PHOTO : Spot investigation of media at Nagerjala stand. TIWN Pics July 19

AGARTALA, July 19 (TIWN): Even after Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s strict warning against increasing accidents and traffic jam on yesterday during his address at Pragna Bhawan on road safety, the Traffic Dept yet left in slumber, caught in a spot operation done by media. There is no development in the attitude of the auto drivers and e-rickshaw drivers yet, whereas on being asked, a traffic police himself could not tell media what is the actual rule, whether vehicles can stand on Battala bridge or not. There was hardly any presence of traffic police in that area and few traffic men were seen although but the numbers are very less that they even can not say how many magic autos right now on Battala bridge. Throughout Battala bridge no traffic man was seen today. Rather being asked by media, auto drivers said, they have break certain rules to feed their bellies. Other auto drivers who are little bit gentle to abide laws, they alleged that when traffic police come, certain disciplines are seen but again when police personnel leave, same unruly attitudes start. In other routes also same is going on.

In media sting operation it was found that other routes autos are forcefully keeping their autos in the Nagerjala stand and they not follow any law.

At the same time, Agartala city is hit by traffic jam. If this is the attitude with traffic rules, now Govt can easily understand how these auto drivers torture the daily passengers.

Few auto drivers directly threat the passengers if they can pay more, then should come inside their autos or to find out another auto.

This is only about Agartala, where traffic police’s negligence has been marked, whereas CM Biplab Deb on yesterday also talked about patrolling on highways to stop accidents. Hence today also a major accident took place at Baramura.

CM also talked about installing good quality CCTV cameras, which may be helpful, but if this is the attitude of traffic dept who become lame before the unruly auto drivers, how to fix the evergreen, day to day problems of traffic jam in Agartala ?

Earlier, Biplab Deb said that SMART City’s first step is “Traffic Management” which should be done not only by traffic police on spot but also from the control rule. 

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