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‘Uncontested Election is new Electoral trend in Tripura’ : Subal Bhowmik
TIWN July 18, 2019
‘Uncontested Election is new Electoral trend in Tripura’ : Subal Bhowmik
PHOTO : Subal Bhowmik addressing media.

AGARTALA, July 18 (TIWN): Congress leader Subal Bhowmik reacting over forceful nomination snatching from the opposition candidates in this Panchayat election said that BJP has successfully launched a new tradition in Tripura which is called ‘Uncontested Election Winning’.

Bhowmik said, in CPI-M’s time, oppositions faced problems, many times beaten and also chaos emerged in the voting rows sometimes, but everytime election was held. This new BJP Govt has started new electoral tradition of No-Election. This is dangerous situation indeed.

“Panchayat election has been always close to people. Everyone wants to participate in Panchayat election as it is very close to the soil. Also, Panchayat is very very important for people. In Tripura such a dangerous situation is going on that Congress candidates even could not submit nominations”, said Bhowmik.

“What kind of election is this ? They cite example of West Bengal but what is happening in Tripura nobody has any idea across the country”, said Bhowmik.

“The 14% people who ahave submitted nominations are unable to stay in houses. Dangerous days are waiting also for BJP. They will realize where they are actually even though right now they have money power, muscle power and power both at state and centre”, said Bhomwik. 

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