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Inquiry against fake degree holder 14 teachers appreciated, but will EC now Scan MLA Krishnadhan Das’s Double HS Pass Degrees ?
TIWN July 12, 2019
Inquiry against fake degree holder 14 teachers appreciated, but will EC now Scan MLA Krishnadhan Das’s Double HS Pass Degrees ?
PHOTO : Krishnadhan Das's fake degree under scanner

AGARTALA, July 12 (TIWN): Not only teachers and job aspirants, but it was also a section of media’s demand that fake degree holders teachers’ certificates should be checked and accordingly after complaints were sent to Chief Minister Biplab Deb, Education Dept started investigation and booked 14 teachers. People have appreciated as 14 teachers in Tripura has been booked for fake degrees. Recently Govt via letters was informed about various teachers who are having fake degrees in B.Ed, Graduation and also marksheets.Education dept has investigated the teachers’ background. Now Police have registered FIRs against these teachers and will inquire them.Earlier, many teaching aspirants had given up jobs / interviews after Govt warned against fake degrees, but these teachers have not. As a result, now FIRs were lodged against them. When action against powerless accused persons are appreciated, questions are raising, will the Govt or Election Commission be much neutral so that they can dare to scan ruling party leaders’ degrees who are holding constitutional posts ? Krishnadhan Das is BJP MLA from Bamutia constituency.

How MLA Krishnadhan Das degrees can be forgotten, which led one facebook user Dipak Debnath’s arrest in November 2018 after the facebook user shared TIWN news questioning about Das’s degree along with his so much root-link with neighboring Bangladesh ?

BJP MLA Krishnadhan Das not only submitted fake HS degree record to the Election Commission in the affidavit submitted before Assembly election but also wrote different passing years under different boards (Tripura & Gwalior) in a same affidavit.

When TIWN published the news, police arrested an innocent person Dipak Debnath who shared that news in his facebook in November 2018.

Krishnadhan’s claim of dual Higher Secondary Pass Degrees from Tripura Board and Gwalior Board exposed as both mentioned in Election Commission affidavit filed before 2018 Tripura Assembly Election.

The affidavit filed by BJP MLA Krishnadhan Das has done a big blunder by declaring two types of information about his degree and qualification. At first Das told Election Commission that he passed his HS from Tripura Board of Secondary Education (TBSE) in 1997 and in the same document he again wrote he completed his HS from Madhya Bharat Gwalior Broad in 2004.

Earlier, allegations came that Krishnadhan Das is one eight-failed candidate of BJP. He is also expert in ‘poll rigging’, ‘mafia style attacks’ on common men, one of the chief reason of BJP’s maligned image in Lok Sabha Election. 

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