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Shocking : Amarnath Pilgrims tortured in Humsafar Express allegedly by RPF jawans, thrown out of train
TIWN July 12, 2019
Shocking : Amarnath Pilgrims tortured in Humsafar Express allegedly by RPF jawans, thrown out of train
PHOTO : File Photo : Humsafar express first arrived in Agartala (January 2nd, 2018)

AGARTALA, July 12 (TIWN): In a shocking event, passengers of Humsafar express have alleged brutal tortures by RPF Jawans after they demanded their reserved seats from a group of passengers, who belong to CRS officer's family. In a video, one tortured passengers named Swami Jotirmoyananda said, “On behalf of Bharat Seva Asram, we are returning with 9 devotees after completing our Amarnath Yatra. But we are heavily disturbed by an unfortunate event happened with us. This incident has shocked us and made us afraid, ashamed. In the 13 number bogie, 26 and 28 number seats were occupied by two invalid passengers Mehenas Rahaman and more three women. At around 3 PM when we asked them to leave our seats, we faced dire consequences. One of those woman’s husband is high official of IRS. When we were in Uttar Pradesh, they started abusing us verbally and threatened us, but we mitigated the situation for then. But again at night 12 her IRS husband with RPF jawans started brutal tortures on us, and catching our collars they pushed us from the train and dropped us on the platform. Two women who were with us, who were also not spared and the RPF jawans physically attacked them too".

"We are shocked, saddened and ashamed of such incident. We even can not imagine such incident can happen with anyone in India”, Swami said. 
“We demand justice. How in a country like India such incident can happen where based on an allegation, RPF jawans will torture legal passengers ?”
The Bharat Seva Asram devotees have demanded justice 
Humsafar Express is a fully AC 3-tier service with all the modern facilities designed and operated by Indian Railways. Its services include long haul routes. The first service was inaugurated on 16 December 2016 between Gorakhpur and Anand Vihar.
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