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Tripura Police continues anti-drug drives everyday, but yet to catch the kingpin : Yaba, Ganja addiction still grips state
TIWN July 12, 2019
Tripura Police continues anti-drug drives everyday, but yet to catch the kingpin : Yaba, Ganja addiction still grips state
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AGARTALA, July 12 (TIWN): Amid everyday raids of Tripura Police under ‘Nesha Mukt Tripura’, the drug-addiction has continued to grip the state. Recently a news was flashed where a woman is found involved in drug-peddling at Ambasa who is a BJP leader which is however noway shocking, as state Tripura amid anti-drug drives continues to be den for narcotic and youths are spotted consuming contrabands which are collected from local sources at very easy way. The arrested woman at Ambasa was a ruling party leader which raises fingers again at BJP’s top layer’s leaders whose family is involved in drug-smuggling in Dhanpur. Police’s drives are praiseworthy but allegedly could not even curb 5% of the actual drug empire and without ratting the drug-den nurtured at the top-layer, the police can not end the drug-mafias. Police’s failure lies in its inactiveness to take action against BJP leaders as Pratima Bhowmik even after she threatened an IPS Officer Kiran Kumar on face to kill him saying, “Tereko hum abhi maar dalega”.

Since few years, yaba tablets have become Tripura’s most seized contrabands, results of massive illegal border business. On yesterday also Ranir Bazar Police Station recovered 40,000 numbers of YABA Tablets. But what worries is that amid massive seizers, the drug peddlers are uncontrolled, continued unafraid jobs in contraband dealing.

On June 24, SP North Bhanupada Chakraborty led raided 1.5 crores of yaba tablets were seized whereas in last one year 10 crore’s worth yaba tablets have been seized.

BSF almost everyday seizing huge numbers of contrabands where yaba tablets are common. On June 21 late-night in such attempt, BSF has seized 9,000 yaba tablets worth 45 lakhs at Sonamura K K Nagar.

Recently BSF stated that such narcotic dealers are using women often in cross border smuggling. On Monday, police seized 7,200 bottles of phensedyls, huge number of tablets from Shib Bari area in Agartala from godown of a local named Ratan Saha. 

A survey says, much popular in Ganja smuggling since decades, state Tripura has now developed yaba tablets smuggling, more dangerous drug than phensedyl and ganja.

Ya ba, formerly known as ya ma, are tablets containing a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine. The illicit use of this drug combination has caused problems in South East Asian countries. 

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