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Awareness campaigning about traffic signals conducted in Agartala
TIWN June 13, 2019
Awareness campaigning about traffic signals conducted in Agartala
PHOTO : Awareness campaigning conducted at Agartala on traffic signals. TIWN Pic June 13

AGARTALA, June 13 (TIWN): Traffic Police organized an awareness campaigning in Agartala with the help of school students.

The move is to aware the people with the traffic rules and regulations which are mandatory to be maintained on the streets of Agartala to avoid traffic chaos.

The traffic department has identified the most popular and vital roads of the Agartala city for the works.

The authority also stated that parking of vehicles at the no parking zone, on the roadside causes inconvenience to smooth traffic movement, and more seriously to vulnerable pedestrians. Widened portions of the roads get fully occupied for parking and create clogging on either side the road.

Elaborating the point, it was stated that the school buses are randomly witnessed parking the school bus in any side of the road and also being stopped at side of the road, may be in front of a house, shop, office for loading and unloading of the students, which creates mismanagement in the traffic movement. The school bus authority is requested to load passengers from the destined bus stop. The school authorities are instructed to put net along the bus for the safety of the students as at any moment, any accident can take place.

The school principals are requested to provide parking zones in the school premises for smooth parking of the personal vehicles in the parking zones and not on the road side; blocking the passage of other public vehicles on the roads.

If turning to the left, the vehicle must be in the extreme left lane of the road and vice versa Overtaking of another vehicle moving in the same direction must only be done from the right side of that vehicle and the drivers must give free passage to fire service vehicles or ambulances.

All the nursing homes, private business organizations, public firms are asked to construct parking zones  for parking vehicles. 

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