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Rural Job issue : Amid Govt’s initiative for ‘doubling’ farmers income and Social Pension rate hikes, MGNREGA mandays need a boost again
TIWN June 13, 2019
Rural Job issue : Amid Govt’s initiative for ‘doubling’ farmers income and Social Pension rate hikes, MGNREGA mandays need a boost again
PHOTO : CM Biplab Deb with Agriculture Minister Pranajit Singha Roy (File Photo)

AGARTALA, June 13 (TIWN): MGNREGA works kicked off in Tripura as the Election is ended and there is no major election ahead except local body polls. However, according to rural Tripura’s surveys Tripura Govt needs to increase the level of MGNREGA mandays which earlier touched 90% even though the MGNREGA works in Communist era could not really help the state’s infrastructure, but a sudden down of MGNREGA in last 1.5 years was felt in the economic crisis-condition which the BJP Govt should start again at least as scheme for next few years as “emergency funding” to the rural area. Govt has increased social pension schemes more Rs. 700 helped the beneficiaries and also trying to keep a budget of Rs. 170 crores to buy food grains from farmers, which has been claimed to inspire Tripura farmers to go back to the field. Nodoubtedly, Tripura domestic production downed in last one decade and paddy fields replaced by public houses led massive price hike in the markets due to imported vegetables and commodities. BJP Govt said to focus on ‘Made in Tripura’ and asked farmers to start nurturing profitable items.

In this condition before the stability comes in rural area under Govt’s new policy, a need of onetime massive MGNREGA works distribution is being felt.

Agriculture Dept is however confident to gain a major success in next few financial years.On the other side, boost in the rural economy likely to bring development in the urban economy.

Tripura has no industrialization and the job creator is a tough matter when Tripura’s living cost is too much high in compare to other states like West Bengal. Also private companies pay very minimum wage to the employees due to available unemployed youths. It includes privates schools also. In many schools authorities are appointing teachers at very cheap price Rs. 2000.

Recruitment corruption in Govt Depts and cases against the previous Communist govt frustrated the youths back in 2017-18 led them to vote for the BJP out of anti-incumbency but it will be tough for the present Govt to negotiate Govt job opportunities in replace of job-creators.

Also it has hit 2 financial years when the Govt depts are not appointing new employees at a large scale and TPSC website left dry without fresh advertisement.

Business of hotels and others infrastructure do not profit businessmen at the initial stage due to poverty of the state and slow economy.

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