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Govt job aspirants left frustrated as Govt to start filling vacant posts according to pre-poll promise
Govt job aspirants left frustrated as Govt to start filling vacant posts according to pre-poll promise
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AGARTALA / NEW DELHI, June 13 (TIWN): Heavy frustrations have gripped Tripura’s unemployed youths as Govt yet to start fulfilling pre-poll promise on 50000 vacant posts’ filling up. BJP has won both seats in Tripura amid national allegation of EVM manipulation and statewide witnessesing West Tripura Post Pre and Post-Poll violence. The post-poll damage repairing action also has been measured as the Govt assured to review the demand of post poll violence compensation for which at least 4 people have died and over 200 properties were damaged led the AICC HQ to express concerns about Tripura’s law and order. But, amid all the attempts of the Government the issue of unemployment problem is indeed the biggest problem and there will be no replacement of the opportunity of the Government jobs in far coming days.

It can be noted here that the previous Communist Govt has settled the ground among unemployed youths by providing around 5000 jobs per year except many more contractual jobs. Youths were resented on the previous Govt, switched votes to BJP but could not imagine the job opportunity will down at such a level.

Job creator campaigning is going on led by the Biplab Deb himself but survey reported, the 7 lakhs youths who benefited BJP in Assembly Election 2018 can be crucial to the BJP in next polls if not provided with ‘immediate relief’ of recruitments in Govt departments.

Tripura has no industrialization and the job creator is a tough matter when Tripura’s living cost is too much high in compare to other states like West Bengal. Also private companies pay very minimum wage to the employees due to available unemployed youths. It includes privates schools also. In many schools authorities are appointing teachers at very cheap price Rs. 2000.

Recruitment corruption in Govt Depts and cases against the previous Communist govt frustrated the youths back in 2017-18 led them to vote for the BJP out of anti-incumbency but it will be tough for the present Govt to negotiate Govt job opportunities in replace of job-creators.

Also it has hit 2 financial years when the Govt depts are not appointing new employees at a large scale and TPSC website left dry without fresh advertisement.

Business of hotels and others infrastructure do not profit businessmen at the initial stage due to poverty of the state and slow economy.

Tripura till day was not ready for corporate theories and also job-creations are new to them, specially those who were preparing for TPSC exams for years. Tripura tops in unemployment rate. 

It can not be forgotten that before election BJP not only promised 50000 govt jobs in first one year but said, doubling of salaries by 7th Pay Commission will generate huge profit in the markets. So this theory of markets-profit via Govt jobs is not unknown to the BJP Govt, however, how far Biplab Deb could appeal the serious economic condition of the state to the centre it is unknown. Also how far the resentment of the youths due to failed promise of 50000 govt jobs in 1-years could be brought in Centre’s notice, it’s under doubt.


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