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‘BJP will exist in Power for 50 years in Tripura’, claims Biplab Deb challenging CPI-M’s 25 years regime
TIWN June 12, 2019
‘BJP will exist in Power for 50 years in Tripura’, claims Biplab Deb challenging CPI-M’s 25 years regime
PHOTO : Biplab Deb handing over sugar to a woman.

AGARTALA / NEW DELHI, June 12 (TIWN): Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb on Wednesday while addressing in a Govt programme organized by Food dept dedicated for subsidized sugar rationing system’s launching claimed that BJP will stay in power for 50 years, breaking Communist Govt’s record of 25 years oneway ruling. However, Deb argued that the difference between CPI-M and BJP ruling will be differed in reasons. “Whereas CPI-M stayed in power by looting people’s money, BJP will hold the power by working for the people”, said Biplab Deb hinting that in the next budget, Govt may increase the paddy-buying funds massively as his Food Dept Director Debasish Basu has suggested Rs. 170 crores of budget sanctioning which can assure the farmers that Tripura Govt will buy 1 lakh matric ton of paddies at minimum support price. Biplab Deb alleged, CPI-M Govt had licensed 65,000 fake ration cards which helped it to loot 63 crores per financial year. “CPI-M ruled for 25 years by looting 63 crores per year and BJP will rule for 50 years by 170 crores of budget for buying paddies”, said Deb. He further added, “Tripura saw a change in 2018 followed by a massive victory in 2014 led by Narendra Modi at centre”. Earlier Amit Shah said that BJP will rule India for 50 years.

Expressing concerns about the public agony due to ongoing economic disturbance he assured, Govt is buying paddies from farmers which however looks like developing rural economy but indirectly, slowly it will attract the markets in urban bodies. The programme was conducted at Agartala Town Hall where sugar-ratioing system was inaugurated in Tripura at Rs. 23 per kilo for. Food and Civil Supplies Minister Manoj Deb, Tripura MP Rebati Tripura, Debasish Modok, Director of Food and Civil Supplies were present on the occasion. All ration card holders will be getting 1 kilo of sugar under govt-subsidy from this month. Chief Minister announced that the state govt is reviewing whether cooking oil under subsidy in coming days can be given, adding, “A new Govt has taken over so many projects in hands in 14 months, is not a petty matter”.
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