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‘Tripura Agricultural Science Society' writes letter to CM, says, ‘Impossible to double farmers income if system is not modified’
TIWN June 11, 2019
‘Tripura Agricultural Science Society' writes letter to CM, says, ‘Impossible to double farmers income if system is not modified’
PHOTO : Tripura CM Biplab Deb. File Photo.

AGARTALA, June 11 (TIWN): Tripura Agricultural Science Society has written a letter to Chief Minister Biplab Deb regarding various problems the Dept is undergoing due to reluctant officials. In the letter, it was written that the way Agriculture Dept is working without any modification even after the Govt changed, no hope for doubling farmers incomes by 2022 if the whole system is not modified, even though the Agriculture Minister and his Dept laying best efforts for the development. Reluctant attitude of the Govt employees without development in attitudes was alleged in the letter written the Chief Minister. The letter was signed by member of Tripura Agricultural Science Society Dr Rajib Das suggesting Govt has to focus on such productions along with main productions which will be profitable and increase farmers’ incomes. There are above 14 subjects in relation to the agriculture which is the reason why various subjects’ scientists have been appointed across India. But in Tripura there was no move and also the Agriculture Dept officials hardly did any field visit even though in papers all have been recorded as ‘perfect’.

Dr. Rajib Das also said, the main reason why Tripura agriculture is lagging behind is low quality seed distribution, no modernization in the technology and reluctancy of the Govt officials.

In which place what type of employee should be appointed it has not been checked yet. Various fields has experts but suffering from wrong appointments and placement, alleged the society member.

Proper planning, management and scientific knowledge of seeds need to be given importance.There is also a negligence of organic production as well as marketing, storing, the society said.

They society also raised question, under the previous Govt the officers who downed the agricultural-economy why aren’t they replaced with dynamic people ?

Honest officials like Bahadul Islma, Tripura achieved quality production and set model before nation of SRI system’s agriculture, but today under internal politics he is deprived of his position.

It’s expected that the letter has reached to the Chief Minister and will checked in details. 

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