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Biplab Deb to drop few Ministers for poor performance but Report says ‘Biplab Deb is the poorest performer’ along with year-wide Gaffes
TIWN May 14, 2019
Biplab Deb to drop few Ministers for poor performance but Report says ‘Biplab Deb is the poorest performer’ along with year-wide Gaffes
PHOTO : Biplab Deb and other Ministers of his cabinet. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, May 14 (TIWN): Soon the election has been ended in Tripura including re-polls, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb is now planning to drop few of his Ministers allegedly for their poor performance. However, it has been suspected that the upright Ministers of his cabinet may be dropped as they turned rival of Biplab Deb and also chance of those Ministers and few MLAs’ quitting BJP is very high due to Biplab Deb led misruling and Deb’s yearwide irrational comments which damaged Tripura’s image nationally again and again like “Internet was existing in Mahabharata’s time”, “Diana Hayden was unworthy to be Miss World”. Various BJP backed media houses have printed masala-news in the newspapers mentioning regarding the tension of Health Minister Sudip Barman and Chief Minister Biplab Deb signaling Barman may also be dropped who joined in BJP in 2017 with lakhs of Congress voters, but it is only the Health Minister Sudip Barman who could submit report card twice of his Depts in the gap of each-6-months, whereas being the Chief Minister Biplab Deb could not submit a single report card.

In between questions also raised regarding Biplab Deb’s qualification which got strength due to his poor knowledge in various fields either it’s about Rabindranath Tagore or basic calculations like how many days in a month.

Even the Chief Minister multiple times said Tripura has 10 districts whereas state Tripura has 8 districts.

Cases were filed in the Supreme Court questioning over Biplab Deb’s citizenship as Indian or Bangladeshi. Moreover, his bank balance is also spotted unmatched with his profession.

Apart from that Biplab Deb proven as failed Home Minister with mob-lynching, Madhav Bari violence like issues.

Also Biplab Deb has been exposed with various fake promises like ducks gifting, ships’ launching within 2019 April, barrage on Howrah river banks and pre-poll promises like 50000 govt jobs in one year.

Unemployed youths are highest resented on Biplab Deb as since the beginning Biplab Deb led police arrested unemployed youths many times when they wanted to meet him and then his Govt cancelled all ongoing recruitments.

Biplab Deb suggested unemployed youths to rear cows and open paan shops, which hit national media headlines.

Biplab Deb’s closest political friend has been one of the General Secretaries of BJP Pratima Bhowmik who was recently caught in camera threatening police officer giving “murder threats”.

In this situation even though Biplab Deb threatening to drop Ministers but without Congress, will BJP have any existence in state ? This question is now from mouth to mouth. 

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