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BJP’s West Tripura Poll rigging : ECI Special Observer Vinod Zutshi held crucial meeting at DM office, checking all footage of election rigging
TIWN April 24, 2019
BJP’s West Tripura Poll rigging : ECI Special Observer Vinod Zutshi held crucial meeting at DM office, checking all footage of election rigging
PHOTO : Meeting begins at DM Office led by Vinod Zutshi. TIWN Pic April 24

AGARTALA, April 24 (TIWN): Biplab-Pratima Criminal Empire led BJP’s West Tripura Poll rigging now heading towards failure as Re-Poll likely soon. Vinod Zutshi, the Retired Deputy Election Commission and the Special Observer appointed by ECI desires held special review of all the election related reports, documents, video footage etc in respect of 1-Tripura West Parliamentary Constituency. The meeting was held in the conference hall of District Magistrate & Collector, West Tripura District and Zutshi will discuss, question the electoral officers face to face. Thus, it’s being expected that there will be re-poll in the West Tripura constituency where massive poll violence was done under BJP MP candidate Pratima Bhowmik.Former deputy Election Commissioner Vinod Zutshi has been appointed as special observer for Tripura followed by West Tripura poll rigging and massive allegations were coming against East Tripura poll manipulation.The East Tripura Election is today, was postponed based on the critical law and order situation.

The Election Commission had postponed polling in the Tripura (East) Lok Sabha seat from 18th March to 23rd March, saying the prevailing law and order situation there is not conducive for holding free and fair polls. 

Official sources said the Commission has issued orders appointing Zutshi as a special observer for Tripura.

After East Tripura poll was conducted and maximum voters amid threats could cast their votes, CPI-M is now focused on re-polling.Calling a press conference CPI-M spokesperson Gautam Das has demanded re-poll in 846 booths at least.

Tripura MP Jitendra Chaudhury on Tuesday could not cast vote as he was engaged in Khowai to prevent BJP’s poll rigging.

Over 79 percent of the total 12.5 lakh voters on Tuesday cast their ballots in the deferred polling for the Tripura East parliamentary constituency, earlier Tripura touched a record of 90% in voting rate. Lakhs of voters could not cast votes and video footage of election rigging have been sent to Special Observer Vinod Zutshi.

Gautam Das said, “Many voters could not cast their votes today, but still we salute the courage of people’s urge for voting”.

 He also praised jana-jati people’s urge to cast votes who were standing for hours since 4.30 am to cast their votes.

The CPI-M leaders described how since yesterday night, BJP threatened the voters, polling agents and in many places, CPI-M’s polling agents were pushed out from booths.

“Many voters could not cast votes, many could not accomplish duties as polling agents. Still the situation was far better than West Tripura as Election Commission was alert following the West TripuraElection rigging”, said Das.

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