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Attacks on two former Ministers, MP in Tripura after Modi’s departure : Badal Choudhury slams Modi, says, ‘First PM welcomed with Black Flags in Northeast’
TIWN Feb 11, 2019
Attacks on two former Ministers, MP in Tripura after Modi’s departure : Badal Choudhury slams Modi, says, ‘First PM welcomed with Black Flags in Northeast’
PHOTO : Badal Choudhury slammed BJP, PM Modi for increasing attacks on party leaders. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, Feb 11 (TIWN): Being attacked by BJP hooligans in two consecutive days, former Minister of CPI-M Badal Choudhury has slammed PM Modi as after his immediate departure brutal attacks on opposition leaders have been started. After former Tourism Minister Ratan Bhowmik was attacked, former Minister of various departments Badal Choudhury raised point, if this is the level of violence only for 2 MP seats in Tripura, will BJP be succeeded across India to continue this ?" Here addressing media at Melarmath Party Office, Badal Chaudhury said, “On yesterday many of our party leaders' homes were attacked at Bagma including Nepal Deb, Gouranga Majumder, Manik Shome. Today morning our former Minister MLA Ratan Bhowmik, local leader Dilip Datta and other visited the victim families. At first they visited Nepal Deb’s house and then Gouranga Majumder’s. On that time both Ratan Bhowmik, Manik Shome, Gouranga Majumder were injured with hard “lathis” (sticks) and they have been taken to Gomati District hospital for treatment. Ratan Bhowmik’s car was vandalized, but till now no development from police against miscreants”.

“PM came and held rally. We all witnessed PM’s rally of Astabal and we heard what he said. He claimed, state is developing and no law and order disruption anymore happens here. Many tall claims were made including making Tripura the best state. But as soon as PM leaved the state across Tripura attacks have been started in full wave”, said Choudhury.

Referring attack on himself and MP Shankar Prasad Datta at Belonia, Badal Chaudhury said, “On yesterday before our visit at Paschim Pahar we told the DGP and local police authority both. Paschim Pahar was once a deep jungle and Left front Govt now has turned it the centre of development. Since 10 am we started from Radhanagar covering areas as Dimatali, Ekinpur, Gouranga Bazar, Chottakhola. Covering all the areas we were on the way to return and was at Radhanagar, talking to the local people and BJP bike-team started following us. Till Radhanagar all were okay, but when were at the Paschim-pahar, area we found that our party office was totally damaged and cleaned already. Suddenly that group of youths attempted to attack us at there, but we overcome that risk and then came at Dimatali. That area’s party office was also damaged. We went to the house of Harekrishna Pal, who is right now very ill. He was the founder of the party office at there, but as soon as we came out of his home, we faced another attack Then we were on the way to return at Ekinpur they (BJP bike team) again stopped us. They didn’t allow us to enter anymore house at there. They attacked us with slang language and then stone pelted and attacked police too. For half an hour such attacks continued”, he explained.Then with TSR force, more numbers of police came and anyhow via border routes we came out”, he said.

“Right now people are starving there. No work, no social pension, no MGNREGA work. In those areas few years 90 days of mandays were given and the beggar-system was withdrawn. But our own leaders are not allowed to visit there. Is it democracy ?”, he asked.

“If this is the condition, what will happen in the Lok Sabha election. For winning 2 seats if BJP has to do that much of violence, would they can do it across India. This is the first Prime Minister welcomed with black flag in northeast”, he added. 

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