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Pratima Gang collects ‘hafta’ from Borders, BJP MLA slams own Party leaders
TIWN Jan 13, 2019
Pratima Gang collects ‘hafta’ from Borders, BJP MLA slams own Party leaders
PHOTO : BJP MLA Surajit Datta addressing media at his own home. TIWN Pic Jan 12

AGARTALA, Jan 13 (TIWN): In the Ram Rajya of BJP, its own MLA has now brought allegation against party leaders and activists for colleting “hafta” from businessmen.

After he protested against it, Datta was also attacked and attempted to murder. The angry MLA then called 24 hours strike, however resumed with Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s request.

The allegation was brought after the MLA was attacked by the gang as he warned the gang not to collect “hafta” from there. Local people said that “Sukh Santi Mistanno Bhandar” whose owner is Tapas Ghosh is just the stage for hiding phensedyl business of Tapas. Tapas’s mentor is BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik, who also gave Tapas lakhs of projects without tender as mean to loot recently held Northeast Youth Festival. Surajit Datta has called Tapas a “puppy” and also warned him to beat him with “shoes”.

The allegation he brought against the people are : Tapas and his gang led by Pratima Bhowmik, Samrendra Deb were.

The MLA further assured that the “hafta” collection by the BJP leaders had started since election result.

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