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‘Sukh Santi Mistanna Bhandar’ turned Drug Smuggling Den under Pratima Bhowmik, Public condemn Crime Queen : BJP MLA Surajit Datta’s exposure points Hundreds of Crores Narcotic Smuggling Empire Statewide
TIWN Jan 12, 2019
‘Sukh Santi Mistanna Bhandar’ turned Drug Smuggling Den under Pratima Bhowmik, Public condemn Crime Queen : BJP MLA Surajit Datta’s exposure points Hundreds of Crores Narcotic Smuggling Empire Statewide

AGARTALA, Jan 12 (TIWN): BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik’s right hand for all illegal mafia business, Narcotic smuggling kingpin Tapas Ghosh yet to be terminated from the party when BJP MLA Surajit Datta himself has brought serious allegation against Tapas Ghosh under the shelter of Mandal President Samarendra Deb, BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik. Apart from smuggling, MLA Surajit Datta told media that Tapas and Samarendra Deb led gang collects “hafta” from businessmen and the vehicles entering here they are collecting Rs. 2000. The allegation was brought after the MLA was attacked by the gang as he warned the gang not to collect “hafta” from there. Local people said that “Sukh Santi Mistanno Bhandar” whose owner is Tapas Ghosh is just the stage for hiding phensedyl business of Tapas. Tapas’s mentor is BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik, who also gave Tapas lakhs of projects without tender as mean to loot recently held Northeast Youth Festival. Surajit Datta has called Tapas a “puppy” and also warned him to beat him with “shoes”. The MLA also called a 24 hrs strike at Agartala Ramnagar which was withdrawn in the afternoon after Chief Minister Biplab Deb, who is also the Party President requested MLA Surajit Datta to stop fighting in the party.However, in no way Surajit Datta had denied that the allegation he brought against Tapas and his gang led by Pratima Bhowmik, Samrendra Deb were false, rather he assured that the “hafta” collection by the BJP leaders had started since election result.

The issue was raised after on yesterday suddenly at Durga Chowmuhani border area massive attack took on us in two phases”. Being asked by media, why was he attacked, the BJP MLA said, “Because I try to stop the illegal activities, so I was attacked. Each vehicle crossing though border areas, they are collecting 2000 rupees from them, I protested against it and I had to see the consequences. He is a third class person and a dog”. On the other side, Surajit Datta’s group allegedly attacked smuggler Tapash Ghosh’s shop “Sukh Santi Mistanno Bhandar” and his brother Priyatosh Ghosh was injured. But very reliable source said that Tapas’s brother was actually injured on yesterday during clash, not today and also Tapas right now at Delhi with Biplab Deb and Pratima Bhowmik.

Tapas Ghosh’s brother Priyotosh Ghosh now lodged case against the attackers. Being asked by media, how the incident took place Priyotosh Ghosh said, around 60 to 70 men under MLA Surajit Datta entered the border area and attacked in the shop ‘Shukh Santi Mistanno Bhandar’.

But reliable source said that Tapas who is at Delhi with Biplab Deb and Pratima Bhowmik, forced Biplab Deb to stop Surajit Datta from filing an FIR on yesterday.

Since election result the border areas remained under tension at Agartala Gol Chakkar area and huge clashes occurred between ruling BJP activists also connected with border business.

However, in this incident the truth has come out that Tapas-Pratima’s phensedyl den is now an open secret.

On October 3, a massive clash among BJP's mafia gangs, Hafta colections have led heavy chaos in Akhaura Checkpost in Ram Nagar area afternoon led a huge numbers of police to rush to the spot and lathi charge.  The fight happened among same party activists after BJP Mandal and another BJP group (closed to BJP MLA Surajit Datta) chased each other centering the business of 'export-import. The matter turned so worse that West Agartala Police had to rush to the spot and took control in the worsening situation and arrested 5 mafias of BJP.

 Under BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik and Chief Minister Biplab Deb, ganja smuggling and rackets have become a licensed business for BJP’s corrupt faces, whereas it has been a tool to push good people in the jail. In such a similar episode,  in Melaghar Cosmopolitan Club 2,040 kg ganja was recovered on December 3, whereas the market price of them is above 1 crore. Reports said that those ganjas belong to BJP leader East Chandigarh Village Panchayat Pradhan Jhantu Barman and one Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Uttam Chakraborty and Mohonbhog Panchayat Samiti member Rohini Barman. Questions has been raised if this is the outcome of Tripura Govt’s ‘Nesha-Mukt’ Tripura aim, where top BJP leaders are found engaged in illegal activities centering narcotic business.

 BJP general secretary Pratima Bhowmik is a known criminal in Dhanpur area, accused of 4 murders including her own sister-in-law’s murder at her own home. Pratima is known in BJP circles as the prime planner of all organized crimes against rival Poltical Party CPI-M or even rival BJP groups Political, Mafia elements.

Biplab Deb, Pratima Bhowmik using NDPS Act ( Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985) to target all rival political parties smugglers, mafia elements only to extort money and then release them after extortion.

Pratima now trying to cover-up her background of various crimes including murder of Dhanpur Mandal President Ranjit Majumder (died of food poisoning on May 30,2018) and her brother Bishwajit’s crime history under “Agni Kanya” (Daughter of Fire) claim. Pratima’s coterie now has multiple facebook account whereas one of the accounts has been named as “Agni Kanya”, but now question is how this “Bish-Kanya” (Daughter of Poisonous snake) came in politics after having an unbelievable crime history.

Under Pratima Bhowmik’s control, Tripura’s law and order has been collapsed, whereas it’s only she who is behind attacking media houses, attacking oppositions and various crimes which left without statement from BJP. Also Howrah river bank locals eviction planning was done by her and attacks on people at Border areas also credited to Bhowmik’s contribution.

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