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‘BJP leading Tripura towards Civil War, later don’t blame us’ : CPI-M tells BJP Govt
TIWN Dec 7, 2018
‘BJP leading Tripura towards Civil War, later don’t blame us’ : CPI-M tells BJP Govt
PHOTO : CPI-M along with other Left Party leaders held press meet at Melarmath Party Office. TIWN Pic Dec 7

AGARTALA, Dec 7 (TIWN): CPI-M spokesperson Bijan Dhar on Friday has warned the BJP led State Govt to stop tortures upon opposition activists, control law and order, unless the result may lead into a “Civil War”. Addressing in Melarmath Party Office, Bijan Dhar said, “Centering the Municipal election more than 60 attacks took place till yesterday night,. In the night attacks girls / women were attacked verbally and in many ways, houses were burnt, vandalized, looted. How far such unrest will be carried ? It’s said that in democracy, the opposition is the safety-bulb and if too much pressure you give on it, the pressure cooker will burst and then don’t blame CPI-M”. “We talked to the Election Commission, Director General of Police multiple times in advance and urged for law and order situation. But, it’s very unfortunate that political decisions are controlling every administration from police to election procedure. Till last night, above 60 attacks have already taken place across Tripura.

Moreover, a rare undemocratic event came out that goondas are taking the candidates to the Returning Officers and in front of the officers forcing them to resign. Such incident never occurred anywhere.In few families, daughters were threatened in their law’s house to convince father to withdraw nominations”.

“The attack first started at Telimaura where four attacks took place and the injured people are still hospitalized. Then in Khowai, BJP created a terror among CPI-M members to avoid nominations by open threats. In Kamlapur few Leftists withdrew nominations but at night nominations were snatched. In Jirania when CPI-M candidates were going to submit nominations led by ex-minister Manik Dey, ADC CEM Radhacharan Debbarma, in front of police their vehicles were vandalized, two times they were stopped, were using slang languages and as a result, no nomination could be submitted at Jirania”, said Bijan Dhar.

“In Belonia amid threats CPI-M candidates withdrew nominations and immediately after one of the candidates Bhola Das had submitted nomination, his house was attacked, looted. In Santir Bazar where our party office has already captured, with courage few nominations were submitted and the day they submitted nominations, on that night each houses were attacked. Also those CPI-M activists who had accompanied the candidates their houses were also attacked. Many people in Santir Bazar are unable to return homes. In each places, every incident has been reported to DM, SDM, FIR was lodged. In Melaghar ever though four were arrested but next day they were released”, he added.

“In Udaipur the situation is more critical. Immediately after nomination submission, their houses were attacked, doors were broken, people were kidnapped, injured”, Bijan Dhar said.

“Actually in our state, there is no way to oppose the BJP. There is no right to talk against BJP. In few places for show-off even though we are permitted for rallies, but in the real sense there is no freedom of speech, no freedom of being opponent. The basis rights, facilities which under CPI-M Govt people used to get they have been snatched”, Bijan Dhar told media.

“We want to ask, what the Govt thinks about election ? In Tripura they got 44 seats, but why doesn’t have courage to face the public through vote ? SC also said that opposition voice is the safety bulb and it’s cut then pressure cooker will burst. Where are you heading the state towards ? You are taking the state towards Civil War ? Who will control home ? When people will react back, who will control them ? Then don’t blame CPI-M”, Bijan Dhar told the BJP Govt through media.

CPI-M State General Secretary Gautam Das further slammed the Govt for ongoing crimes, murders, rapes in the state. He also voiced for the rape victim of Korbook, slain lawyer Promod Modok who was killed but nobody has been arrested so far. 

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