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Tripura’s ‘Saddam Hussein’ imposed ‘Emergency’ on various media houses : 5 media houses striving for existence after Govt’s Illegal attacks
TIWN Dec 7, 2018
Tripura’s ‘Saddam Hussein’ imposed ‘Emergency’ on various media houses : 5 media houses striving for existence after Govt’s Illegal attacks

AGARTALA, Dec 7 (TIWN): Democracy under severe attack as violent illegal attacks on media by Police and BJP terror machinery continue. An emergency situation has been imposed on Tripura media houses, various media houses are unable to publish news independently on Govt criticism and already at least 5 media houses are under Biplab Deb Govt’s target for their news published on Govt criticism. This situation is connected with other states’ media world too from arrests of journalists to shutdown of media. Till now 5 media houses came under BJP's red-eyes in Tripura : 1) Channel Din Rat 2) 3) Daily Desher Katha, 4) Mrinalini ENN 5) Times Today. Even after nationwide criticism, the BJP led State Govt goes desperately to block web-medias, harass journalists and threatening editors. Maximum media houses even though silent due to their local-base survival but rages are fueling among media persons over Govt’s interference in the “Press Freedom”. Whereas (TIWN) is striving against police’s corruption, another local TV channel Mrinalini ENN has filed a petition in the High Court of Tripura after Govt had shutdown the broadcasting within a gap of notice of only two hours.

Public, readers rages have been exposed against media, but Chief Minister Biplab Deb and his Govt has continued the open-war against media amid criticism to prove Govt machinery is more powerful than Press.

On yesterday, Dr B R Ambekar’s death anniversary was observed by the Govt, but the Govt itself is far from following the constitution and obey civil rights of people.

What the Govt is expecting is the “silence” of media against Govt amid its party led terror across the state centering each election. People’s houses were attacked, vandalized, burnt. Party offices were burnt and even women of the houses weren’t left from the ruling party’s attack. But in exchange of terror, tortures upon the opposition, the Govt is unready to face criticism.

Positive side of the media-bullying is that public and media houses now have started to raise voice against Govt’s interference with media freedom and taking justice system’s help.

Tripura’s unemployment problem has been tripled under 9 months of BJP Govt, whether the Govt is far from to fulfill its Vision Document’s promise like “50,000 jobs in various Govt depts in first one year”. MGNREGA mandays have been slashed, pending wages are waiting since Durga puja’s two days works were accomplished, social pensions have become tough to facilitate the poor people and in this situation, it’s only media jointly can play the role to fix the anarchy, poverty, hunger of the state so that centre is bound to release fund for Northeast state Tripura and stop deprivation. 

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