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Tripura BJP Govt to take 200 crores loans, blames previous CPI-M Govt for ‘fund crisis’
TIWN Dec 6, 2018
Tripura BJP Govt to take 200 crores loans, blames previous CPI-M Govt for ‘fund crisis’
PHOTO : Law Minister Ratanlal Nath addressing media after cabinet meeting at Secretariat. TIWN Pic Dec 6

AGARTALA, Dec 6 (TIWN): After a cabinet meeting on Thursday, Tripura Law Minister Ratanlal Nath has announced that cabinet was bound to approve the Govt to take Rs. 200 crores of loans from LIC and Hadco.

Blaming, the previous CPI-M Govt, Nath said that the previous CPI-M Govt took hefty numbers of projects in hands without any source of income.

“You will be surprised to know that only for building construction the Govt took huge loans, neither those loans were for flyover or any big projects. Without PWD, 21 departments as Home Dept, Education Dept, Health Dept, Jail, Fire Service, Tribal Welfare, Youth Affairs & Sports, Urban Development, transport, Tourism, Science & Technology, Minority Welfare, Information & Cultural Affairs, Food and Consumer Affairs, ARDD, Civil Administration, Hamdloom dept, Labour Dept, Panchayat total 231 works whose project cost 1332.67 crores is needed. Apart from that for PWD’s 12 works it needed Rs. 164.75 lakhs that means all those projects around 1500 crores are needed. But from where the money will come ?”, Ratan Lal Nath told media.

“What is the source of the money ? Only 30% money was in hand (450 crores). Just for vote banks huge infrastructure was ordered. Now all the work-loads are upon us. Few of the works are half done, few are 20%, few 30%. Thus, how would we pay to the contractors ? Today 356.73 crores are needed. Who will give the money ?? It’s not ended here, we need much more. Thus we are bound to take the loan. Right now we have to give 421 crores right now”, Nath added.

However, basis question raises here, Tripura being a Northeast State depends upon central fund and in far future also without 100% help from centre, this state can not develop. Why Modi Govt which promised “Hira” for Tripura, is not allocating funds ? Since 2014 Central Govt started to deprive Tripura (according to Verma Committee report) but still Tripura has received first prize award in “infrastructure” from a national news media. If Modi Govt can’t allocate the so called promised “fund flow”, what’s the use of BJP Govt having in state and centre both ? Once again, Law Minister’s statement proved how amid economic crisis Manik Sarkar’s Govt developed Tripura’s infrastructure. 

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