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‘Amit Shah insulted Supreme Court, incited violence’: Opposition voice mounts against BJP’s insult to India’s Highest Court
TIWN Oct 29, 2018
‘Amit Shah insulted Supreme Court, incited violence’: Opposition voice mounts against BJP’s insult to India’s Highest Court
PHOTO : File Photo of BJP National President Amit Shah.

AGARTALA / NEW DELHI, Oct 29 (TIWN): BJP’s utter disregard for India’s Judicial System once again exposed by none other than JUMLA Guru Amit Shah’s insulting remarks against Supreme Court. A day after BJP President Amit Shah criticised the Supreme Court verdict allowing women of all ages to the Sabrimala temple, the opposition hit back saying his "frivolous and ignorant" comments not only insulted the apex court but also exposed who was behind the violence in the temple area.While the Congress accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leadership of gradually "diluting and decimating" India's institutions, the CPI-M said Shah's threat to throw out the Kerala government was another display of his anti-democratic and authoritarian attitude.

The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) urged the Supreme Court to take cognisance of the BJP chief's comments while the AamAadmi Party (AAP) accused him of creating anarchy.

Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi said that Shah, along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government, had only one objective -- "to progressively, slowly, surely, steadily, but 100 per cent certainly, decimate, dilute and truncate institutions which have been built up by careful nurturing of over 70 of our Independence.

"Attempts are being made to make loose, uninformed, ignorant comments... These frivolous, trivial, almost puerile comments, which insult the Supreme Court and insult the intelligence of our electorate, should be desisted from but I'm sure it will keep on happening," he said at a press conference in response to a question.

Shah had on Saturday said the Supreme Court should not pass verdicts that go against the religious faith of the people and "can't be implemented" on the ground.

He also warned Kerala that the BJP would not mind throwing out the Kerala government if it tried to tinker with the issues of faith.

The Communist Party of India-Marxist said the BJP President's comments exposed who was behind the violence in the temple area.

"Shah has challenged the Supreme Court order on the entry of women to the Sabarimala temple and incited his partymen to defy the verdict. In doing so, he has exposed the real hand behind the violent protests against women's entry into Sabarimala," the CPI-M politburo said.

In a statement, the party said such incitement had also led to the "highly condemnable" arson attack on the ashram of Swamy SandeepanandaGiri.

Accusing Shah of blatantly ridiculing the apex court ruling, the CPI-M, said it was in keeping with the RSS-BJP's contempt for the Constitution and the Supreme Court.

"The threat of toppling the Kerala government if it continues to uphold the Supreme Court judgement is another display of the anti-democratic, authoritarian attitude typical of Amit Shah," it said.

BSP president Mayawati urged the Supreme Court to take cognisance of the BJP chief's "condemnable" comment that the courts should not give orders that cannot be followed.

Delhi Cheif Minister Arvind Kejriwal accused Shah of creating anarchy and encouraging people to violate the orders of the Supreme Court.

"Amit Shah actively encouraging people to violate SC orders. Creating anarchy. Hopefully, SC will take cognisance," Kejriwal tweeted.


News 2

CNG crisis hits auto drivers Statewide

AGARTALA, Oct 28 (TIWN): Long queues of consumers are daily observed in front of the CNG stations across Agartala. In other subdivisions also the condition is more or less same.

The CNG stations in function unable to cater the demand of rising vehicles which has resulted this huge queue in the Station.

Besides, the situation has affected the smooth movement of the vehicles in the state.

The locals alleged that either there is no supply of gas in the CNG station or else machine is out of order.

Angry auto drivers mentioned that it is a common feature of all CNG stations every time the consumers had to wait for the prolonged many hours.

However, some consumer also alleged that as because the CNG machine had to pump the compressed natural gas it takes time and therefore in the mean time huge queue had been observed.

BJP's Vision Document ensures BJP Govt led "Promoting CNG and opening more CNG reflling stations across the state".


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