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'Biplab Deb Govt hasn't done anything to save our jobs' : 10323 Ad-Hoc Teachers fate uncertain, No hope remains for Tripura’s 7 Lakhs unemployed youths in JUMLA Era
TIWN Oct 28, 2018
'Biplab Deb Govt hasn't done anything to save our jobs' : 10323 Ad-Hoc Teachers fate uncertain, No hope remains for Tripura’s 7 Lakhs unemployed youths in JUMLA Era
PHOTO : 10323 teachers were forced to walk in BJP's rally before Election (TIWN File Photo). Photo inset : 10323 teachers today held a meeting as Govt is doing nothing according to pre-poll deal.

AGARTALA, Oct 28 (TIWN): BJP Govt is losing its vote banks base rapidly across all sections from contractual teachers to unemployed youths. Along with unemployed youths, employees, pensioners, ad-hoc 10323 teachers of Tripura are the major victims of BJP' Jumla Strike which has already fueled mass resentment among public against the BJP Govt. The 10323 teachers were terminated by High Court, Supreme Court due to the irregularities were spotted in their recruitment in CPI-M era after Congress, BJP indirectly pushed a case against the irregular recruitment of CPI-M family backed jobs and accordingly HC terminated them and later SC also terminated them when Govt challenged High Court but on that time BJP assured the teachers that their jobs will be saved under law and in Vision document also same promise was done, but since the BJP is in power the Govt has done nothing for the teachers except urging Supreme Court to extend their ad-hoc jobs for more two years, not ensuring what will Govt do for them after two years. With all these issues, the 10323 teachers today called a meeting at Hari Ganga Girls High School in Agartala to take decision of their next step.

The teachers agreed with each-other that they lacked unity due to politically varied beliefs and decided to go together and launch movement to save own families and that move will be beyond any political colour. 

"A simple deal was done with the BJP on that time, if the party assumes power then the Govt will save their jobs under law. But, unfortunately they Govt has done nothing for us, rather just like the previous Govt with excuses, BJP Govt also has hanged the matter", said one of the 10323 teachers while addressing. 

The teachers also accepted that due to lack of cooperation between employees representatives and the Govt, the actual demand was never raised to the Govt. 

The 10323 teachers case one of the most complex cases in Tripura's Judicial history due various political phases time to time used the teachers as vote bank tools. 

A division bench of the high court, comprising Chief Justice Deepak Gupta and Justice Swapan Chandra Das, had passed then order May 7, 2014 terminating the jobs of 10,323 school teachers after Dec 31, citing irregularities in recruitment and SC has upheld High Court's 2014 verdict.

On March 29, 2017, the Supreme Court also held High Court's order and terminated the teachers. Supreme Court in a humanaitarian gesture to 10323 teachers mentioned that the teachers will continue their jobs till 2017, 31st Dec.

Later with the request of Tripura Govt, the Supreme Court added 6 months of ad hoc basis jobs for the teachers which was to be ended on June 30, 2018.

After Biplab Deb led new Govt came in power it appealed the Supreme Court for the extension of two years more in the ad hoc. Next hearing on that is on November 1st.


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