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‘Don’t divide Tribal/No-Tribals, focus overall development’ : CPI-M 's advise to Govt
TIWN Oct 12, 2018
‘Don’t divide Tribal/No-Tribals, focus overall development’ : CPI-M 's advise to Govt
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo : CPI-M State Secretary Bijan Dhar addressing media.

AGARTALA, Oct 12 (TIWN): 5 members team of CPI-M delegates met the High Power Committee of BJP-IPFT Govt (which was made by Central Home Ministry aimed to develop socio-economic-cultural sides of Tripura tribals) on Thursday.

The CPI-M team has reminded the High Power Committee about the ‘true history’ of Tripura since statehood and how tribals were recognized, developed in Left era along with citing various feature of the tribal communities.

  1. CPI-M pointed out how mass education was spread among tribals, how Left fought against the Kingdom era’s tortures and prevented separatist power, united Tribals and Bengalis which had however killed above 2000 CPI-M activists and leaders.
  2. Secondly, CPI-M reminded to do overall development of the state regardless Tribal and Bengalis. If separately tribal development is sensitized (rather than actual development, funding) it automatically gives a sense of separatism.
  3. Funding must be fluent for the sense of true development, rather than other issues.
  4. It’s true that a good number of refugees from East Pakistan took shelter in Tripura, but tribals accepted them, welcomed them on that time. The rehabilitation was given to tribals and non-tribals both. The previous Congress unfortunately divided the Tribals, Bengalis with land-issues. Bijan Dhar alleged, due to intrusion of capitalism and separatism a section of tribals are suffering from sense of insecurity and identity crisis which was earlier not part of tribal community,
  5. A political power is attempting to convert the tribals into a particular religion and standing as obstacle in development.
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