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No double salary, no Central Scale 7th CPC, Only Pay revision from 2017’s 2.25 Factor to 2018’s 2.57 Factor, total 0.32 Factor increment, 7th CPC dream ends for 2 lakhs Tripura Govt employees, Pensioners
TIWN Oct 9, 2018
No double salary, no Central Scale 7th CPC, Only Pay revision from 2017’s 2.25 Factor to 2018’s 2.57 Factor, total 0.32 Factor increment, 7th CPC dream ends for 2 lakhs Tripura Govt employees, Pensioners
PHOTO : CM Biplab Deb. Deputy CM Jishnu Debbarma before press briefing at Secretariat. TIWN Pic Oct 9

AGARTALA, Oct 9 (TIWN): Biplab Deb & his Verma Committee in past 7 months all did was played delay game and finally made Manik Sarkar Govt’s 2017’s Pay Review implementation of 2.25 factor into 2018’s 2.57 factor which means Govt Employees salaries increased only 0.32 factor under ‘Tripura Pay Matrix 2018’ ratter then Central Scale of full 7th Pay Commission. Experts view says, regular employees salaries increased at 0.32 % whereas rest will be under pay band. Those employees were getting Rs. 14,040 they will get Rs. 16000. Without keeping enough funds for Pay Commission, BJP Govt continued to boast Govt on pay hikes under 7th CPC and constituted Verma Committee to delay the implementation for 7 month long. After Govt's failure to announce 7th Pay Commission on the basis of Verma Committee report has proven that Verma Committee was instructed not to recommend 7th Pay Commission and finally Govt has fooled the employees with 'Tripura Pay Matrix 2018" with the effect of 2018.

A hike of 0.32 factor has slightly hiked salaries of employees from the previous 2.25 FF to 2.57 FF, whereas 9% DA has not also been given. 

Before Election in speeches, agreement copies with employees BJP assured multiple times that 7th Pay Commission with 2016 effect will be given to the employees whereas instead of 7th Pay Commission, a pay hike has been announced today in a press conference held at Secretariat led by Chief Minister Biplab Deb, Finance Minister Jishnu Debbarma, Law Minister Ratan Lal Nath, Health Minister Sudip Roy Barman. 

On the background of this pay hike, before Assembly Election it was told the employees that a person getting 10,000 rupees salaries will get 20000 and that double hike will increase state's revenue rapidly but merely 15% hardly can raise with this pay matrix.

Surprisingly since yesterday across BJP backed media propaganda on 7th Pay Commission had been started. Not only this false news in electronic media kept on scrolling that 7th Pay Commission announced, but as soon the press release came it resulted in mass Jumla.

Before election, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said in first cabinet meeting 7th pay commission will be given. Amit Shah said, ,"Cast your vote on 18, 3rd March BJP to win and take your salary according to 7th Pay commission". Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma told media,"Create such a situation in MP election that we can't win it(Lok Sabha) election".

But keeping Tripura in zero deficit budget, Biplab Deb Delhi visit with #TransformingTripura slogan, hypes on "Model State in 3 years" Deb failed to draw 7th Pay Commission for 2 lakh Govt employees. 

At the same Union Finance Minister A run Jaitley appeared as another JUMLA master, who along with Himanta Biswa Sarma, Tripura BJP spokesperson Ashok Sinha published Vision Document on February 12, 8 days ahead of Assembly Election.

It can be noted here Tripura BJP today has completed 7 months since Govt formation as on March 9 BJP-IPFT govt had taken oath at 1 crores of expenditure for oath taking ceremony.

7th Pay Commission was the first promise of BJP's  Vision Document.

TIWN since the Govt formation continued pressure upon the Govt with criticism news, faced a lot of challenge under Biplab Deb's terror governance but TIWN was the first media which categorically mentioned the fund crisis situations of state treasury. TIWN's analysis journalism also exposed fund less conditions via CM's speech.

This 2.57 factor is also contradictory as in Govt press release it has been said the multiplication factor will be slightly lower than 2.57 factor.

The minimum salary of Group C however at beginning will be Rs 18000 whereas Group D will be Rs 16000.

Employees on fixed scale have not been regulized, another JUMLA outcome as BJP's Vision Document promised all fixed, contractual employees to be regular as no other state except Tripura has this fixed-pay-system.

Due to same Govt at centre BJP could not allege central deprivation, but promising doubling salaries with 2016 effect even though BJP came in power now betraying employees ahead of Lok Sabha election the ruling party irks resentment among employees, pensioners.


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