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Increasing Narcotics Smuggling, Arms under BJP era : Crime graph spikes up, Unemployment skyrockets to 39.1% : 1 arrested with Chinese pistols, cartridges
TIWN Oct 4, 2018
Increasing Narcotics Smuggling, Arms  under BJP era : Crime graph spikes up, Unemployment skyrockets to 39.1% : 1 arrested with Chinese pistols, cartridges
PHOTO : Arms smuggler arrested at North Tripura. TIWN Pics Oct 4

AGARTALA, Oct 4 (TIWN): Tripura turned Narcotics Smuggling, arms smuggling transit hub under Biplab Deb's era as crimes multiplied in last 7 months than CPI-M era. Criminals intrusion, dangerous firearms which increased in Communist era has spiked 30 % more undef Biplab Deb’s misgovernance, also due to lack of intelligence gathering and at the same time a massive hike in the unemployment rate of 39.1% in state. Day after one arms smuggler Pranjit Das was arrested by North Tripura Police, on Thursday one more arms smuggler was arrested with sophisticated arms, increased tension in North District. One Sep 23 three more (two BJP activists) were arrested in South Tripura in a similar case. Today, at Damchara in North Tripura one arms smuggler named Kabir Uddin was detained by North Tripura Police who had entered Tripura from Mizoram with these illegal items. Police were informed via secret sources that a youth with arms to enter in Tripura via Damchara. Since 2 pm police were ready to detain the smuggler with ambush. When through Damchara-Mizoram bridge Kabir Uddin was proceeding, police followed him and understanding police are behind, Kabir Uddin immediately threw his bag in the river and also at the same time he jumped in the river, even though police caught him on spot.

SP Bhanupada Chakraborty who is now inquiring the detained person, informed 1 local gun, 1 Chinese gun and 9 rounds of cartridge were recovered from him. Within 48 hours North District police have found two smugglers which has irked the question, why so many illegal intrusions are happening in this state ?

On yesterday dharmanagar SDPO Jotishman Das, Dharmanagr PS OC-Madhab Dey with huge numbers of police arrested one Pranjit Das from a guest house located at Office Tila of Dharmanagar. Panjit Das, S/O-Binod Das, is resident of Madhupur Kamalasagar PS was arrested accordingly.3 pistols, one magazine, 25 rounds cartridge were found with him. It has been suspected that  he brought them from neighboring state Assam.

On September 23, three persons had been arrested for being involved in this crime  and two of them belong to ruling party BJP. Getting informed via secret sources, SDPO of Sabroom Sabyasachi Datta raided a vehicle numbered : TR01XO470 and arrested two people along with bullets and pistol. Another auto driver was also arrested and both of them from Bihar Bhagalpur purchased the arms and brought in Tripura using Tripura Sundari Express. 

On yesterday at Gol Chakkar border mafias under BJP's attire met in massive clash and West Agartala Police were bound to lathicharge, arrested 5 persons.  

Frequent murders, rampant drug smuggling, Police raids indicate Tripura’s disastrous situation against organized narcotics smuggling gangs. Police machinery only could crack a faction of over Rs 3000 crores/year organized drug smuggling racket operating from Myanmar, Bangladesh to North East India via Tripura as transit hub for drug cartels.

Law and order which had been totally destroyed by CPI-M is still paralyzed as State Police Intelligence failed to improve in BJP era. 

Supari styles killing have recently spiked in BJP era, one is cutting one’s throat in Talibani model, another is shoot out and Biswajit’s brutal murder has been a part of the second one, but if noted Medical representative Biswajit Pal's murderer who before media helped police to find out the gun by which he killed Biswajit, has managed bail. 

Yaba Tablet, a new invention under BJP era is rampantly entering the state, whereas drums of propaganda on anti-drug move of new Govt continues. On May 6, with a shocking development 12400 yaba tablets were recovered from his house along with other kinds of drugs at Sonamura. The market price of the tablets will be at least Rs. 50 lakhs, but this was not a new trend which developed but drug is present in each cell of the society.

Opposition CPI-M’s four supporters were killed including Panisagar’s Tapas Sutradhar was killed in Talibani style by cutting his neck brutally on June 17 night. Another old couple who were residing in rent at Sunirmal Chandra Das's house named Chanu Saha (75), Mahamaya Saha (60) were allegedly murdered on Friday  night.

Open shootings regardless day/night have turned the evenings in capital city Agartala as nightmare for common citizens.  Already major section of electorates who voted for BJP now comparing 3 months rule with Congress Lawless era 1989-1993.

Question raises why so much of influx of guns in Agartala and rest of Tripura by various smuggling gangs ?

One of the chief reason behind the increasing unemployment rate in Tripura which has taken a toll of 39.1% on September. Before coming in power BJP promised to give "house to house jobs", but now under "jobless era" with record breaking workless condition, arms smugglings are increasing in state, crime on spike. Yesterday's Gol Chakkar border export-import clash among BJP, where oppositions are left houseless since 7 months has exposed the ongoing in the state. 

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