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Agartala Club worried of Puja Budget, blames 'markets down', 'collection low'
TIWN Oct 4, 2018
Agartala Club worried of Puja Budget, blames 'markets down', 'collection low'
PHOTO : Ramthakur Sangha club gears up for Durga puja amid crisis situation due to market down. TIWN Pic Oct 4

AGARTALA, Oct 4 (TIWN): Much popular club in capital city, Ramthakur Sangha cashier has expressed worries ahead of the upcoming Durga puja, even though they have not increased the budget this year.

"The collection is not enough as expected. People are unable to pay, whereas last year before asking donations used to come. Around 25 lakhs budget has been estimated however", the club member said.

"We are facing a lot of troubles in collecting puja chandas (donations) as puja markets are not as good as last year. That's why we are worried".   TIWN Youtube link 

"Ramthakur Sangha's theme this year is based on bees, which is a new theme. Artist for Idol and pandal both are from outside. The club members are expecting huge numbers of people this year to see the pandal due to the new theme. 

Lighting will be also with a new trend, said the club members.

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