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BJP Govt’s 7 months report card : Only Health Minister Sudip Barman, Deputy CM Jishnu, Tourism Minister Pranajit shines above the rest, immature Biplab’s replacement important for BJP’s survival in Tripura
TIWN Oct 4,2018
BJP Govt’s 7 months report card : Only Health Minister Sudip Barman, Deputy CM Jishnu, Tourism Minister Pranajit shines above the rest, immature Biplab’s replacement important for BJP’s survival in Tripura
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo : Sudip Barman, Biplab Deb

AGARTALA, Oct 4 (TIWN): BJP Govt’s 7 months performance overall miserable due to Biplab Deb’s failures & immaturity in managing various key departments. Except Health Minister Sudip Barman’s leadership & performance, also Deputy CM Jishnu Debbarman, Tourism Minister Pranajit Singha Roy’s initiatives, overall Govt’s performance is insignificant.
In 7 months span of time, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb not only turned himself a ‘Motormouth’ across National & International media, but weekly supply of MASALA (foolish) talk by CM destroyed his ‘Youth Icon’ image beyond repair. From ‘Internet in Mahabharat Era’, ‘Diana Hayden unfit for Miss World’, ‘Civil Engineers should join Civil service, not Mechanical Engineers’, ‘Satellite, Sanjay, Dhritarastra’ etc and many more foolish talks proved that Biplab Deb is unfit to lead BJP Govt in Tripura. No other Chief Minister in India’s history labeled such a fool by public, national media for destroying his own image, as well tarnishing BJP’s national image for non-stop rubbish utterings.

BJP's various factions infightings now wide open on streets as Tripura witnessed on Wednesday ugly clashes over 'Mafia Hafta Money' between two rival BJP gangs - one led by MLA Surajit Datta, another led by Pratima Bhowmik's close Mandal's gang. 

Tripura BJP’s Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, senior leaders in private expressing their frustrations for such an abrupt degradation of BJP’s image due to Biplab Deb’s non-stop foolish talks and arrogant actions.

Due to Biplab’s arrogant and foolish style of running Govt, BJP Ministers, Senior Party leaders expressing resentments and discussing for an immediate replacement by someone well respected like Health Minister Sudip Barman or Dy CM Jishnu Debbarman as next Chief Minister so that both these dignified personalities can save Tripura BJP from further erosion of public support base.

Even BJP Party's senior leaders are expressing their frustations in private over Biplab Deb's arrogant conduct, so Party cadres are more comfortable in dealing with General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik or other Senior leaders like Subal Bhowmik.

Sudip Roy Barman, Jishnu Debbarman already proved as Chief Minister material by smartly managing their Ministry and Media, even maintaining good relations with oppostion CPI-M.

Sudip Barman also proved a Statesman by honoring opposition leader Ex-CM Manik Sarkar and signaled a totally different approach to Politics than Biplab’s arrogant, violent crushing of Opposition.

With tons of upcoming challenges for BJP Govt like 7 lakhs unemployment, 10323 Teachers issue, Healthcare, 7th pay commission, balancing IPFT- Tipraland issue etc -an immature like Biplab cannot do justice to Tripura's Governance.

Inside BJP, also among anti-CPI-M officials, heavy resentments brewing to liberate State Govt from Biplab Deb’s close coterie of CPI-M spies like OSD Dilip Roy.

Biplab Deb’s failure to behave like a Statesman, lack of basic general knowledge, failure to keep CPI-M spies away from BJP Govt, failure to establish Modi type discipline and tight grip on administration already leading State Govt to hopeless direction. Various senior IAS officers like Y.Kumar to others already either took voluntary retirement or left State on some pretext.

Biplab’s arrogance reached to such level that CM is not listening to senior Ministers like Ratan Lal Nath, Jishnu Debbarman and Party leaders including BJP higher-ups.

Apart from weekly gaffes and immaturity in running administration, Biplab Deb hired a most corrupt officer Dilip Roy as OSD. Dilip Roy’s hiring not only maligned Chief Minister’s innocent image but signaled upcoming disasters in Govt as CPI-M’s corrupt coterie will rule the roost under the umbrella of Dilip Roy – who is close relative of Rose Valley Scamster CPI-M leader Gautam Das.

Within 7 months, Tripura public already getting fed-up with constant maligning of Tripura’s image nationally as Tripura CM converted himself a matter of joke which damaged Tripura’s credibility.

Pressures were put upon various national media and news agency by BJP Govt including PTI, Telegraph to withdraw various news reported on Tripura CM Biplab Deb’s foolish utterings. 

Biplab Deb certainly needs good advisors and competent media persons handling CM’s Facebook and Twitter accounts otherwise many immature handlers cum poor knowledged individuals like Russel Sinha wrote  in CM’s Twitter handle that ‘CM Biplab Deb visited Pheni Bridge which is located over GOMATI RIVER. And GOMATI river will be dug deeper for international trade.’ Even though Tweet was deleted and rewritten after some time but the damage was done due to foolish handlers.

After Election win, Biplab Deb and Tripura BJP’s social media handlers gone to inexperienced kids who is yet to differentiate between Feni and Gomati river locations.

Apart from that some sychophants from Biplab's close coterie threatening Journalists directly. TIWN photo-journalist was threatened in phone by local BJP media person for publishing the video regarding CM’s speech on Diana Hayden.

Now same BJP media persons forgetting TIWN’s role in unseating CPI-M Govt from power by continuous exposure of corruptions from 2013.  Tripura BJP also forgetting media's role in defeating CPI-M.

Among the 8 Northeastern states, no Chief Minister except Biplab Deb came under such storms of controversy in a span of less than 7 months.

Motormouth’s journey began from epic story Mahabharata by Biplab Deb at Pragna Bhawan on April 17, 2018 when he said, "Internet and satellites were existed in Mahbharata’s Era. Not US and other Western Countries, but the internet was invented by India before lakhs of years".

Then on 26th April, 2018 CM said ‘Diana Hayden was Unworthy to be Miss World ! Aishwarya Rai is okay to represent Laxmi, Saraswati’.

After that he said on Civil Service Day on April 27,2018 “Mechanical engineers should not go for Civil Service but Civil Engineers should go”. On that day, Tripura CM also said, "Ideal wife should save money". 

Next, the 4th blunder was when he asked state’s 7 lakhs youths to open paan-shop or breed cows for livelihood instead of running after politicians for jobs.

Then viral video was when CM said, “My Govt is not a bottle gourd. I’ll chop off nail if anybody tries to interfere in my govt”.

Biplab Deb might build a castle in dream with corrupt officials like Advisor Dilip Roy ( a turncoat cum CPI-M spy) and various other CPI-M era corrupt coterie but all these inept advisors will only damage Tripura CM’s image in long run.

After Amit Shah, Modi’s rebuke, in High Court’s programme few days back at Agartala, Biplab Deb was forced to read a prepared speech in English (prepared by his new OSD Sanjay Mishra and IAS officers) as ordered by BJP high command so that no further national ‘MASALA’ created by ‘Motormouth’ before Karnataka Election on 12th may.

Like a dumb never change, even on May 9, 2018 at Udaipur during Rajashri Festival, Biplab Deb claimed that Rabindranath Tagore returned his Nobel Prize – which again showcased Biplab as a national clown and Tripura a land of fools.

So, if BJP’s top leadership  Amit Shah, Ram Madhav, Sunil Deodhar want to save State BJP’s public support base from further erosion then they must replace Biplab Deb with someone like Sudip Roy Barman  to restore public faith on urgent basis – otherwise CPI-M spies around Biplab will weaken BJP Govt so that political gains goes to opposition CPI-M.

Already BJP lost its ally IPFT in upcoming LS Election, Biplab's arrogant style of JUMLA destroyed BJP's popularity beyong repair which Tripura Public will teach lessons in due course of time.

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