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'Police are being sent to arrest malaria patients to hospitalize' : Health Minister
TIWN Pic Oct 4, 2018
'Police are being sent to arrest malaria patients to hospitalize' : Health Minister
PHOTO : Sudip Braman inaugurated Free distribution of superior quality intelligent artificial limbs to Divyangs it is a CSR initiative of ONGC Tripura Asset, Agartala. TIWN Pic Oct 4

AGARTALA, Oct 4 (TIWN): Health Minister Sudip Barman while addressing at the distribution programme of superior quality intelligent artificial limbs to Divyangs at Agartala (by ONGC) said that State Govt was bound to order police to arrest the malaria patients to admit them in hospitals.

"Govt is organizing various health camps to identify the malaria patients but we are facing huge troubles to hospitalize the patients. They do not even report the Asha workers when they undergo fever and with superstitious way they want to cure themselves sitting at home which mostly causes the malaria deaths".

Barman was praising the ONGC authority saying the ONGC authority wanted to donate some funds for malaria outbreaks.

"I appreciate the attempt of ONGC but the problem is not with our Health Service, rather the patients do not want to admit themselves in hospitals. We were bound to admit few of them in hospitals by arresting them".

It can be noted here that on September 25, Health Minister Sudip Barman holding a press conference on malaria outbreaks said,  Govt officials have visited many malaria affected areas and asked health centres and hospitals to further outreach their services in the remote and tribal areas.

"In 2014, around 96 people including children died due to malaria in Tripura. The situation though similar to 2014, due to timely intervention by the doctors, so far six people have died during the past one month. To check the outbreak of malaria, around 4,300 health camps were held in the state this year. Blood samples of around one lakh people have been tested and of them, 7,048 tested positive", Health and Family Welfare Minister Sudip Roy Barman said. 

The Minister said that some people influenced by superstitious beliefs especially in tribal areas, do not visit health centres and hospitals. Over 1.80 lakh Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) would be distributed in the malaria prone mountainous Dhalai district.

The LLIN were provided by the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry under the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme. Malaria poses a major public health problem in the hilly northeastern states of Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Assam and Manipur. According to the records of the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry, around 200 people died of malaria in the country last year. 

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