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‘Nobody dies in India in starvation anymore’, JUMLA claim by Biplab Deb
TIWN Oct 3, 2018
‘Nobody dies in India in starvation anymore’, JUMLA claim by Biplab Deb
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo of Tripura CM Biplab Deb.

AGARTALA, Oct 3 (TIWN): 7 months old Biplab Deb Govt caused massive sufferings as Tripura undergoing its worst era of mass sufferings but Chief Minister Biplab Deb claimed "No poverty exists in India" anymore.

When tribals in Tripura are crossing border for livelihood, mother spotted attempted to kill daughter out of starvation, BJP activist Bipu Ghosh died in poverty in Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s own constituency Banamalipur, Chief Minister Biplab Deb while addressing in Tripura University claimed that under PM Modi’s ruling nobody can say people are dying in starvation.

July, 2018’s estimate which came in national media said that starvation deaths are vibrant in India and over 1.5 million children a year—over 4,500 child deaths a day. A third of these could have been averted if children did not go to bed hungry night after night. These figures suggest that over 3,00,000 children die every year in India because of hunger. When Chief Minister Biplab Deb has covered his eyes under fake ‘anandkileher’, with a shocking development a mother attempted to kill own daughter out of starvation in the state.

The incident took place at Sabroom, in front of State Bank. GMP, CPI-M’s tribal wing leaders have met her and shown the video of her residing condition through social media.

Opposition leader Gopal Roy on Sep 5 saud that Chief Minister Biplab Deb invested at least Rs. 2 crores of Govt fund to renovate the Chief Minister's residence where the previous Chief Minister Manik Sarkar stayed for decades.

On March 8 Ex-CM Manik Sarkar vacated the residence as 20 years of Communist ruling had been ended with March 3rd's poll result and BJP came in power. Then the renovation of Chief Minister's quarter started after a visit of the new CM Biplab Deb. On April 18 Biplab Deb entered CM's residence along with his family. In between total renovation of the CM's quarter was done along with new furniture were stocked, but the cost stands at least Rs. 2 crores. 

This allegation was brought by state Congress on Wednesday. Earlier, Congress President Birjit Sinha alleged that Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb built a gym in his quarter at cost Rs. 80 lakhs.

Recently Tripura Congress leader Gopal Roy said, "In a state like Tripura, where people can not arrange their two times meal, what is the necessity for a CM to renovate quarter at 2 crores ? What is the necessity of his four OSD and 1 advisor ??"

The Congress leader further alleged that BJP Govt's oath taking ceremony costed Rs. 1 crore which was held on March 9.

Based on the data of 3 lakh children’s death in a year out of starvation, India Express stated in a report on July 26, 2018, “That it should be so prevalent, 70 years after Independence and with our food granaries stuffed, is nothing short of a national shame. As many other and much poorer countries have shown, eradicating hunger and stunting can be addressed but to do so will need action on an emergency scale. Only then will Indians stop dying of hunger”

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