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JUMLA Era’s attack on Opposition media shames Democracy : BJP leader's presence in DM office, illegal cancellation, silencing Media in ‘Hitler’ style unlikely to fetch Votes
TIWN Oct 2, 2018
JUMLA Era’s attack on Opposition media shames Democracy : BJP leader's presence in DM office, illegal cancellation, silencing Media in ‘Hitler’ style unlikely to fetch Votes
PHOTO : Daily Desher Katha office, located beside CPI-M HQ at Melarmath (Agartala). Photo inset : Tripura CM paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at Rabindra Bhawan. TIWN Pic Oct 2

AGARTALA, Oct 2 (TIWN): Politicians often forget that fighting again media establishments only cost them vote losses as public never accept Hitler or Tughlaq style attack against media. Attacking newspaper or attempt to close media houses are not at all new thing in Tripura Politics. A section of bootlicker Journalists have always functioned earlier as broker of Manik Sarkar's Govt and now Biplab Deb's Govt in exchange of personal benefits like lakhs of grants in the name of ‘Arpan Society’ or huge Govt Advts or getting contract to write books under CPI-M & BJP era. CPI-M State Secretary Bijan Dhar also mentioned on bootlicker Journalists, various beneficiaries after 2018 election's defeat, but since BJP-IPFT Govt came in power attacks upon opposition media have taken nightmare shape, breaking the protocols of democracy. Attack upon TIWN for its unbiased news publication is not new, rather for long time CPI-M's mouthpiece now banned Daily Desher Katha also published attacking news against TIWN.

But the allegation today brought by Desher katha journalists against the West District administration is indeed shocking. Chief Journalist of Daily Desher Katha office Milan De Sarkar, Editor Samir Pal, Ex-Editor Gautam Das have brought a serious allegation against West DM Sandeep Mahatme and SDM office for "banning the newspaper under political pressure" !

According to the allegation, BJP State Secretary Rajib Bhattacharjee went to DM & SDM office premises during the hearing of 'Daily Desher Katha' RNI related hearing with few activists bearing BJP flags in hands. Also during the hearing the DM lost his cool when he saw SDM Jayanta Dey has issued authentication letter for 'Daily Desher Katha' and further called RNI office in the presence of Desher Katha's advocate which resulted in a rarest event in the history of Indian press that within few hours of issuing certificate, RNI has withdrawn the certificate saying SDM cancelled the authentication.

If the allegation of Desher Katha journalist body is true then it's shocking ! 

Since the BJP-IPFT Govt came in power attacks upon a certain section of media have been increased undoubtedly but unlike Desher Katha many news portals are in Tripura, who from CPI-M's mouthpiece overnight became mouthpiece of BJP but even after multiple errors in their offices even including land and property related lacuna, Biplab Govt has not taken any step against them and doubtful activities under such media have been continuing but Desher katha like previously continued to function as a mouthpiece of CPI-M resulted in this disaster.  

Addressing in a press meet, Daily Desher katha Ex-Editor Gautam Das said, "There was an issue that in 2012 the society handed over the paper to CPI-M and CPI-M in 2018, Sep 1st handed-over the paper to the Trust. Now, with all these subjects we have submitted to RNI and RNI also asked additional papers as transfer of ownership and we accordingly submitted them. On 6th Sep District Magistrate sent Samir Pal (Editor, Daily Desher Katha) saying that one Shyamal Debnath on 26th May complained against Daily Desher Katha alleging that in website the Editor's name is Gautam Das, whereas in papers it's Samir Pal. A notice came on 6th Sept asking Samir Pal to produce himself for hearing on Sep 12 at DM office. After that there was another hearing shortly where the DM asked for fresh certificates and Samir Pal said in reply to DM that it's pending at RNI which is under process. It was delayed due to DM office's delay. On Sep 26 it was the next hearing.........everything was going on as if planwise. Recently Press Council of India issued notice to Govt of Tripura for attacking press and after that the BJP-IPFT Govt has gone mad", Das told media.

"On 1st October (yesterday) it was the final hearing, but RNI already gave the RNI number. But DM did a drama ! In the court of DM office, he didn't maintain even the decorum. Even though SDM authenticated the paper. DM called SDM Jayanta Dey in the court and slammed him with hitting words. In front of Samir Pal and lawyers he scolded the SDM. He also contacted RNI office asking how Desher Katha got authentication", Gautam Das said.

Editor Samir Pal alleged, in front of Daily Desher Katha team, DM asked SDM to cancel the issued certificates and said he himself will cancel the registration and the RNI again emailed Desher Katha Editor at night 10 pm saying "Issued Certificate has been withdrawn as SDM has cancelled the certificates". DM did the process without any show cause or legal bounding.

"Such incident never happened in India that at night hours paper's registration is cancelled. Not only this when we were waiting for the hearing, since 6 pm at night 9.30 pm BJP State Secretary Rajib Bhattacharjee along with few BJP activists entered the office of DM, SDM and systematically things happened. Then it was said to Desher Katha that 2015's registration was cancelled", Gautam Das said.

Adding the newspaper has faith in High Court and Supreme Court, Gautam Das announced legal procedure at the fastest move to cancel the DM's illegal order. 

Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has stated, "This is a brazen attack on the freedom of the press. It is a sad day that Desharkatha has stopped publication on October 2, Gandhi Jayanti".


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