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Udabastu committee held conference
TIWN Sep 14, 2018
Udabastu committee held conference
PHOTO : Udabastu committee held conference at Agartala Town Hall. TIWN Pic Sep 14

AGARTALA, Sep 14 (TIWN): West District and Sipahijala District Udbastu Unnayan Committee on FRiday organized conference at Town Hall, Agartala.

The 'Udbastu' (refugee) families who had to escape from the ADC areas after their family members were killed, kidnapped by militants, till day maximum of them are residing either in relative's houses or in rents across Agartala, Bishalgarh.

The de-sheltering of local residents had begun since 1994 and especially in 1998, 1999, 2000 and step by step from sensitive places like Jampuijala, Takarjala, Gadarbi and Golaghati the Bengali local people marked as 'Bangladeshi' were de-sheltered.

Above 100 people till day are missing and total 65 persons killed during that militancy-tension time which led them to flew from ADCs on that time.

After bundles of protests, held by the Udbastus in Tripura, the state govt (previous, present both govt) have failed to provide them homes and the role of opposition parties also remained so far cold.

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