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No action against BJP stone pelters at Dukli block, proves Democracy turns ‘Demon’cracy under 6 months BJP ruling
TIWN Sep 13, 2018
No action against BJP stone pelters at Dukli block, proves Democracy turns ‘Demon’cracy under 6 months BJP ruling
PHOTO : Police official injured by BJP stone pelters. TIWN Pic Sep 11

AGARTALA, Sep 13 (TIWN): There is no doubt that Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s claim about “neutral role of police” under BJP Govt is a false propaganda as there was no action against unruly BJP-activists at Dukli block who gheraoed opposition Congress’s vehicle, stone pelted and police were bound to impose lathi charge, tear gas to control the situation. Instead of taking action against unruly BJP activists, rather BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal threatened honest police officer SDPO Ajay Kumar Das for deploying 100 police officials against 500 BJP activists. Till now no action has been taken against BJP activists who left at least 5 police officials injured, neither in incidents like all-party-meeting at Bamutia any action was taken against BJP goons who entered the block office and stopped the meeting. After few BJP activists were injured by police’s lathi charge as the BJP activists had gheraoed opposition Congress’s vehicle from all side and continuously stone pelted, BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal rushed to the BDO Office, questioned Police officer why he deployed hundreds of police personnels. However the footages clearly shows numbers of police personnel were less than the need and as a result tear gas had to use.

 Apart from that in need of situation, an SDPO has full right to deploy police and if it was not mob-violence under BJP attire could result in worst situation.But the BJP MLA asked, with whose permission SDPO deployed police, took action. 

When a person is being attacked, attempted to be killed will a police officer call higher authority or save people’s lives ? In case of Sukanta Chakraborty lynching police personnel were suspended for ‘not taking action’, but when police took action just because the culprits were BJP activists, BJP MLA threatened the police officer ?

The stone pelteres left in release and arrested them is beyond thinking for police, even though Chief Minister Biplab Deb always propagate his Govt for keeping cops hands free from political interference.

Footages clearly shown how 500 BJP activists were imposed at Dukli block for not allowing oppositions to file nominations. Still BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal attempted to prove BJP activists as 'innocent' and SDPO Ajay Kumar Das was 'wrong' for deploying 100 of police.

However, the whole incident took place before media and TIWN spotted each BJP activist who were involved in that violent incident where Congress's vehicle was gheraoed by BJP goons and stone pelting continued.

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