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Anganwadi’s wages hiked by centre : Tripura’s terminated mid-day-meal workers couldn’t benefited
TIWN Sep 13, 2018
Anganwadi’s wages hiked by centre : Tripura’s terminated mid-day-meal workers couldn’t benefited

AGARTALA, Sep 13 (TIWN): Even though Tripura Govt has thanked Modi Govt for increasing wages of ASHA and Anganwadi employees, but question remains for terminating mid-day-meal workers.

Since the BJP-govt is in power, massive terminations are going on and across the schools mid-day-meal employees are being terminated which have hit many poor families.

Before the election, even Prime Minister Narendra Modi also promised that no political revenge will be taken against any person. But the terminated mid-day-meal workers who with hope of “wage hike” had voted for BJP, are now losing their jobs.

With a similar incident, Belabour Anganwadi Centre workers have protested in the Anganwadi demanding orders of their termination.

The workers said, as they were recruited by the Panchayat, so they should get a papers from the school or the Panchayat.

An old woman said at the beginning they got only 50 rupees per day but it was hiked at 100 and later more. They thought that the new govt will increase their wages but unexpectedly the School Headmaster told them not to come anymore from Sept 1st.

Many employees have recently lost their jobs who were working under state govt on contractual basis.

Two women of AMC were terminated on Friday, whereas Govt employees under JICA project and Forest Dept and DRW were also terminated.

Law Minister Ratan Lal Nath on Wednesday has announced around 15 % fake social pensioner beneficiaries had been benefited under Communist regime, now spotted by BJP Govt. Addressing in press conference, Nath said, after digitization and verification of ration cards around 4 lakhs of fake beneficiaries also have been found. 

The Minister further thanked the Modi Govt for increasing wages of Angawadi workers and Asha employees.

However, there was no mention about hike in social pensions, which BJP before the election promised to increase at Rs. 2000 at least. 

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