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'Slaughtering Democracy by not allowing CPI-M, Congress, IPFT to file Panchayat Nominations’ ! ‘92 % voter strong Tripura's image nationally damaged by BJP' : Manik Sarkar hits Biplab’s JUMLA Govt
TIWN Sep 12, 2018
'Slaughtering Democracy by not allowing CPI-M, Congress, IPFT to file Panchayat Nominations’  ! ‘92 % voter strong Tripura's image nationally damaged by BJP' : Manik Sarkar hits Biplab’s JUMLA Govt
PHOTO : Background Photos ; Various violence on yesterday centering Panchayat Election nomination submission. Photos middle : Tripura CM Biplab Deb.

AGARTALA, Sep 12 (TIWN): Tripura Ex-Chief Minister Manik Sarkar on Wednesday hit the BJP Govt for its open Panchayat-election rigging throughout state and not allowing any opposition parties to submit nominations and instigating bloodshed in state. Addressing in a press conference with Ex-Ministers Tapan Chakraborty, Badal Choudhury, the Ex-CM has termed Biplab Deb's Govt as "Jungle Raj" which is not leaving its aligned party also. Sarkar told before media here, "The situation of Tripura is now much tensed, slaughtering of Democracy is going on everyday. Nothing is hidden as media, social media have exposed the ruling party's activities. Why are they (BJP) so much afraid of people ? Why don't they want any contestant against them ? Just before 6 months, they won the election and now within 6 months so much insecurity ? Is this because all the fake promises BJP had done before election and now unable to fulfill a single promise ?" Manik Sarkar further said, at least 97 % seats were forcefully made vacant by BJP, asking the State Govt further to control the ongoing violence.

"CPI-M opposed the new law on Panchayat election and also walked out the Assembly when the issue was imposed, but with their majority they tried their level best to take over the Panchayat seats and run the Panchayats by officials. However, at last when Election has been announced, since the notification was circulated, BJP started its violence across state. All Left candidates were attacked, even Congress, BJP's ally IPFT were not left from unruliness of BJP".  

"CPI-M urged the State Election Commission, but a State Election Commission has limited power and unlike Central Election Commission, it can not function independently. We also requested state govt to control the situation,but the situation remained unchanged. In front of BDO during all-party-meeting they attacked the oppositions. BDOs even though tied to control the situation but how far a BDO can go against the ruling govt ? It's quite shame that out of 6111 Panchayat seats 3207 seats are now vacant for which election is going on and out of them 3148 leaders were bound to resign", Sarkar said.

"After compelling the leaders to resign they didn't stop, further they didn't allow any candidate from oppositions to enter the BDO offce to fetch nominations. If someone had taken nominations then their nominations were too snatched. Still few managed to take nomination but entering home either day or midnight those nominations were taken away. On yesterday what kind of violence state saw, it doesn't need to describe. Social media, media played an important role expose the ruling party. Even IPFT (BJP's political ally) became victim of BJP's violence", Manik Sarkar said.

"It's really sad that earlier, Tripura was known for good governance and now it's recognizing newly to the nation. A total slaughtering of Democracy is going on. I thank people who amid much threats gave answer to the ruling party by observing strike without any opposition's propaganda. May be BJP is not taking any risk to fight the election and know they will be defeated if fight", Sarkar said.

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