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BJP-IPFT alliance turns another JUMLA ! IPFT slams BJP for 'unlawful' activities across State, announces TIPRALAND movement shortly
TIWN Sep 12, 2018
BJP-IPFT alliance turns another JUMLA ! IPFT slams BJP for 'unlawful' activities across State, announces TIPRALAND movement shortly
PHOTO : IPFT held press meet at Agartala. TIWN Pic Sep 12

AGARTALA, Sep 12 (TIWN): After 6 months under Biplab Deb, BJP has been proven as totally failed Govt to control the law and order from lynching incident to murdering of democracy. This time, during Panchayat Election nomination submission due to digital media power and neutrally run media TIWN, BJP's intention behind poll announcement has been revealed. BJP's open goondaraj which are now viral in social media didn't leave even its ally IPFT, with whom the party has formed a Govt before 6 months taking oath to develop Tripura. IPFT after holding a party meeting at Revenue Minister NC Debbarma's home has announced to go in Tipraland-movement shortly. Tension has already fueled in ADC areas with the continuous clash between BJP and IPFT. IPFT spokesperson Mangal Debbarma has called BJP leaders to sit in a meeting with IPFT and to settle the issues. Also IPFT called people across Tripura to maintain peace and to avoid any violence. IPFT President NC Debbarma said, "It's fully clear and also proven which party is sponsoring the violence across state".

"There is nothing to hide, but this ongoing situation is not acceptable according to democracy. On yesterday, it was the last date of submitting nominations. Naturally maximum candidates from various parties attempted to submit nominations.But unfortunately in various blocks centering the submission of nominations violence, attacks were instigated, clashes were erupted and law and order came under heavy challenges. We will discuss, analyze the issues now and will tell the press about our views once the meeting ends", NC Debbarma said. 

Being asked by media who attacked them, Debbarma replied, "Whatever held yesterday people have seen through media. No hide and seek is there ! No point of mentioning who have done it. People also know what party is responsible behind the violence. I don't have to mention and explain about the party to them (people)". 

Even though BJP and IPFT have formed a Govt in Tripura, but BJP didn't spare IPFT from its bloodshed. BJP announced earlier that without IPFT it will fight the Panchayat poll. 

On the other side, Congress, CPI-M were not allowed to submit nominations whereas today on the last date of submitting nominations, Congress, CPI-M even Police officials were massively attacked.  At Jubaraj Nagar the BJP burnt vehicles of IPFT and the candidate is going missing. As a result IPFT couldn't submit nominations on the last day of submitting nominations. 

After the attack at Jubarajnagar, IPFT leader Ananta Debbarma hit the BJP Govt, saying, "A state can not run like this". Ananta Debbarma further said, "We informed police about our programme today. But in front of police, our supporters were beaten, our vehicles were burnt. With BJP flags we were hit. This not not style of democracy". 

NC Debbarma today also said, "It's sad even though there was a discussion to come in mutuality whenever needed on the basis of few seats, but IPFT activists were attacked during nomination submissions". 

Following the meeting IPFT has slammed BJP for its violence across RD blocks, announcing to go in TIPRALAND movement in larger way shorty.

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