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JUMLA Party’s Terror paralyze Democracy : BJP MLA displayed muscle power, threatened honest Police officer for deploying huge numbers of Police, actions against hooligan stone pelters !
TIWN Sep 11, 2018
JUMLA Party’s Terror paralyze Democracy : BJP MLA displayed muscle power, threatened honest Police officer for deploying huge numbers of Police, actions against hooligan stone pelters !
PHOTO : Pic 1 : BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal threatening SDPO Ajay Kumar Das. Other Pics : BJP sponsored violence at Dukli. TIWN Pics Sep 11

AGARTALA, Sep 11 (TIWN): Democracy under direct threat as JUMLA Party’s hooligans led by MLA Ram Prasad Pal threatened SDPO Ajay Kumar Das for upholding Law & Order while BJP hooligans attacked Congress President Birjit Sinha’s vehicle and Police saved Congress leader from likely murder. Horrible organized violence under BJP era in Tripura, BJP MLA threatened honest police officer, maligning his image for taking immediate action beyond any party pressure. Today during Dukli block violence Police's immediate role saved Congress leaders from worst circumstances as TIWN has already published how hundreds of BJP activists gheraoed Congress President Birjit Sinha's vehicle and were stone pelting. In this situation SDPO Ajay Kumar Das deployed huge numbers of police officials to control violence. Tear gas was also dispersed to control the mob-violence sponsored by BJP.

But BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal asked the police officer under which law, he deployed that much of police officials were deployed at Dukli block ?  
Ram Prasad Pal's statement before media also has revealed BJP's blueprint of winning Panchayat poll by force. 
However, the whole incident took place before media and TIWN spotted each BJP activist who were involved in that violent incident where Congress's vehicle was gheraoed by BJP goons and stone pelting continued. 
In this situation, without lathi charge, stone pelting what police should do ?? At least 5 police officials were injured while controlling the violence.
The MLA also showered his anger to Congress President Birjit Sinha saying, "What was the necessity of him to come ??" 
The MLA also warned the SDPO indirectly and told media, "I have come to ask him under which law he has imposed police force upon BJP activists ? Our activists are injured !" 
Ram Prasad Pal also accused the Police Officer for being "Dal Dashi" (slave of party) and trying to defame BJP. 

The incident took place after Congress leaders led by Congress President Birjit Sinha went to submit nominations at Dukli block. While entering the office in a maruti car, BJP activists backed by MLA Ram Prasad Pal, leader Rajib Bhattacharjee's supports stopped the Congress activists on spot asking them to "go back".

When Congress denied, the BJP activists came heavily after them, but police led by SDPO Ajay Kumar Das controlled the situation. Then BDO called a meeting attended by BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal, Congress President Birjit Sinha. Then the second attack took place when Congress leaders already filed nominations and were returning.

With all these, the nominations were submitted but again when Congress leaders were coming out of the BDO Office, the BJP goons including men, women on spot attacked the vehicle of the Congress President, broken the glasses, injured all Congress leaders. 

When Police tried to control the situation, BJP activists pelted stones at the police, left at least 5 police officials injured.  Then Police used tear gas, lathi charge to control the situation and 7 BJP activists were injured. Newa reporters also have undergone the eyewitness tensions, which was unexpected amid that much security. 

If this is the level of violence in presence of Congress Party President Birjit Sinha, what are the other places' situation ahead of By-Poll ?

Proving once again BJP leader Joylal Das's open threat on July 20, when he openly asked party supporters to break oppositions hands and legs and not to allow them in voting or submitting nominations during Panchayat Election.

The Congress injured leaders were sent to IGM hospital, whereas police and BJP's injured activists were taken to Hapania hospital. BJP has expressed extreme resentment on police's role, challenged the SDPO on back of camera. 

Till day, there is no corruption allegation against SDPO Ajay Kumar Das, rather he was injured recently by smugglers during a courageous raid. 
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