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'Health Dept to conduct meeting with blood donation camp organizers before Durga Puja'
TIWN Sep 8, 2018
'Health Dept to conduct meeting with blood donation camp organizers before Durga Puja'
PHOTO : Health Minister Sudip Barman addressing in a blood donation camp at Town Hall. TIWN Pic Sep 8

AGARTALA, Aug 8 (TIWN): Tripura Health Minister Sudip Barman on Saturday while attending in a blood donation camp conducted by ‘Tripura Puro Karmachari Sangha’ at Town Hall said, “There will be chart or systematic schedule for blood donation camps which will be followed by all political or apolitical organizations. It will help to mitigate the blood crisis in state” adding, "Before Durga puja Dept will conduct a meeting with the organizers".

Addressing on that occasion, Barman said, “Blood is necessary for all humans to survive. It was a time, when centering the election heavy blood crisis had been felt across the blood banks. We were unable to mitigate the blood crisis in various hospitals and there was a constant obstacle to meet the demand of the blood. Experiencing that harsh truth, we have decided to conduct blood donation camps by all organizations at least 3 times in a year. This practice also will help to gain the target of blood donation rate in state at 100 %”.

The Minister further said, “At cancer hospital blood is highest needed, but the crisis somehow is existing in the state. However, we are going to adopt a system by introducing charts for blood donation so that no blood get wasted”.

“Maximum blood can be preserved for 35 days and so it's important to keep the flow of blood donations. The blood donation camp organizers will have to adjust with the Govt schedule. We already talked to the Blood Transfer Council in this regard. By this rule, it will be fixed in which month, which organization will organize blood donation camps”, he added.

“I would like to appreciate the much valuable effort of All Tripura Government Nurses Association for organising today's Blood Donation Festival. It is indeed a great initiative and I would like to see more such humanity serving steps taken by your association and also other organisations across the state in near future”, Sudip Barman further said after the programme was ended.

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