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Petrol price skyrockets to Rs. 78.83 on Saturday, Diesel Rs. 72.66 surging Down-Economy statewide
TIWN Sep 8, 2018
Petrol price skyrockets to Rs. 78.83 on Saturday, Diesel Rs. 72.66 surging Down-Economy statewide
PHOTO : Customers standing in rows to buy petrol. TIWN Pic Sep 8

AGARTALA, Sep 8 (TIWN): Tripura woke up to a crude shock today as fuel prices hit a new lifetime high at 78.83 rupees, 26 paisa more increased than Friday. The whole week is being reeled a constant up of petrol diesel price in each morning. As a part of nation-wide protest Congress has called for 12 hours strike on Monday, but State Govt has strictly warned officials to come to office and sit before the desk like other working days. With the latest hike in prices, Petrol reached at Rs 78.83/litre mark in the state capital fueled mass resentment. Apart from fuel price, Tripura is suffering due to excessive Tax hikes on transport, whereas after 6 months of BJP govt no wage, salary hike was possible by the Govt. On the other side, diesel price raised at 72. 66 rupees in Tripura. Nationwide strikes have been announced by the opposition parties across the country next week over record-high fuel prices which they blame on high taxes imposed by the government, but state govt in Tripura has warned its employees not to support strike.

Claiming that at least 50 % petrol price has been hiked under Modi era, Congress leader Gopal Roy said, " When Modi Govt came in power in 2014 since then the petrol price has been increased at least 50 % more. Before 10 years during UPA Govt’s time the hiked petrol price stood at 50.52 rupees and diesel 37.76 rupees.But right now in Tripura petrol price is at Rs. 78 and diesel crosses Rs. 70. In other states the condition is worse”.

Moreover Govt is collecting around Rs. 1.5 lakh in tax, registration with car purchasing at Rs. 11 lakhs, whereas Rs. 50,000 is taken to buy one 5 lakhs car, which earlier was only Rs. 16,000. 

Tax hike, commodity price hike, fare hikes have turned lives miserable, whereas businessmen are facing heavy losses due to down market since 5 to 6 months. 

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