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'Till you graduate, Tripura will become Northeast's BUSINESS-HUB due to Feni river Bridge' : CM's gaffe prone ‘day-dreaming’ promises fails to charm School Children
TIWN Aug 10, 2018
'Till you graduate, Tripura will become Northeast's BUSINESS-HUB due to Feni river Bridge' : CM's gaffe prone ‘day-dreaming’ promises fails to charm School Children
PHOTO : Chief Minister Biplab Deb addressing at Udaipur English Medium school foundation day. TIWN Pic Aug 10

UDAIPUR/ AGARTALA, Aug 10 (TIWN): JUMLA promise filled politics like ‘Free smartphones for all youths, Jobs in every family’ now crossed the limits from adults to school children who are baffled with terms like ‘Business Hub’. Chief Minister Biplab Deb's "day-dreaming" promises continue before Lok Sabha election as on the basis of ongoing Feni river bridge construction at South Tripura, he claimed that Tripura will become Northeast's business hub as soon as the bridge construction is completed. CM assured the School Children of Udaipur English Medium saying that the students who are studying in schools till they become graduate, Tripura will become a business-hub. Biplab Deb was addressing in foundation day ceremony of Udaipur English Medium School also criticized the previous Govt didn't make a single future planning for Tripura.

"Already 17 pillars of river Feni is done and one by one pillars are emerging as the bases of Tripura's future". 

"As soon as the bridge will be completed, Tripura will become the single corridor for Northeast which will deliver products through water-way. In water-way automatically 25 % prices of commodities will be downed. Many small children are sitting in front of me today", he said. 

" Till they will be graduated, Tripura will turn into the business-hub of Northeast. Feni river bridge will be completed in 2019, December and as soon as it will be completed and among 8 states in Northeast Tripura will become the only gateway of water-path and through Chittagong port the imports will be done at 25 % less price. Already 17 pillars are constructed and each pillar is symbol of Tripura's development", he added. 

Taking a dig at the previous govt, Deb said, "What work Manik Sarkar had done in his time ? Indeed, he did nothing for the State. After I assumed the charge, I didn't spot out a single future planning of the Ex-CM. Without future planning, how a state can be developed ?", he said. 

"All the chances of future planning was cut. They knew very well that B.Ed is necessary according to Central rules, but for B.Ed College there was no planning. Why they didn't plan for new Colleges ? After we came in power total four B.Ed Colleges planning has been taken and Central Govt has also approved for it. We know the value of quality-education", said CM.

The Chief Minister further criticized the previous Govt blaming them as responsible behind the drug-addicted society.  Biplab Deb also blamed the previous CPI-M Govt alleging that they (CPI-M) are basically liars and for 25 years had been fooling public with their lying tactics. 

After CM's speech his earlier gaffes are recalling as all know a bridge at South Tripura on river Feni can never make Tripura business-hub, neither the previous CPI-M Govt ever claimed such even though the task was taken in hand by previous Manik Sarkar's Govt.

Various gaffes of Tripura CM are like below : 

1.     Tripura’s tourist spot in Amarpur-Chabimura is better than Amazaon river and if the tourists don’t feel the same after visiting Chabimura, Chief Minister from own pocket will return the trip-expenses. CM also said, “Amazon River is located on Africa” (not South America),

2.     Internet and satellites existed in Mahabharata-Era and via Internet Sanjay was giving live updates of Kurukshetra war to the blind king Dritarashtra,

3.     Before lakhs of years India has Journalists. The “Pandits” of Raj-Durbar were actually journalists, whose work was to inform everything to the king,

4.     Diana Hayden didn’t deserve the Miss-World award as she doesn’t look like an Indian woman and her style is unworthy to represent India. Indian women should be like Goddess Laxmi, Saraswati and Aishwarya Rai is still fine to title as Miss World. Not only this, CM also claimed there was no credit any Indian woman to get the Miss World or Miss Universe awards at all as such beauty-contests are fake and ramp walks are just for “shows”. The awardees names are selected before the competition.

5.     Mechanical engineers should not join Civil Services but Civil Engineers should.

6.     Buy cows or open a paan-shop instead of running after political parties.

No proper apology was released by the Chief Minister, neither from Central BJP any clarification was given on his behalf. 


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